by baydreamer 28 Oct 2014

T-shirt using some designs from Embroidery library (link below). I included my stand. Awhile ago someone talked about embroidery stands (link below), I had something I could use , had my husband cut a section out so I could use my Janome350E , as you can see the T-shirt floats so I don't have to due and fancy hooping to hold everything back.


by pldc 28 Oct 2014

I'm sorry but can you tell me what I am looking at? I am not understanding the pic's? I went to the link to see the wooden block. Can you explain how it works? thanks for your help ~hugs~

baydreamer by baydreamer 28 Oct 2014

If you look at the second picture of the machine you will see how it looks like an arm... so the t-shirt floats (picture 1), If I used the machine flat on the table , I would have to due some fancy hooping so the back of the t-shirt would not catch.

pldc by pldc 28 Oct 2014


by sonjapotgieter 28 Oct 2014

So lovely!!!great work

by pennyhal2 28 Oct 2014

How did you get the sleeve hooped? I think that's a great gadget for the front of the tshirt!

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baydreamer by baydreamer 28 Oct 2014

There is no other way, you have to unpick the seam.

by elemausi 28 Oct 2014

Thank you for showing this.
Hugs Bärbel