by madrocki 28 Sep 2014

I am looking for a Pinochio related design, not sure if it is licensed, thanks


by jofrog2000 28 Sep 2014 (owned by Brother) has a few of them, but you need a Brother machine to sew them. A list of usable machines is onsite and you have to tell them which one you have, as I assume they make it so that only that machine can use it. They also have added some Frozen, Ninja Turtles,some cartoon series. If you have the right machine , it's good to go.

madrocki by madrocki 29 Sep 2014

many thanks Jo for replying. On numerous occasions I have tried to buy designs from ibroidery but they will not let me and will not let me know the reason, from what I have been told they do not sell to Australia. I own a Brother NV1500D.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 29 Sep 2014

So sorry. Maybe the fact that some other countries feel they don't have to adhere to US copyright, makes them keep the designs closer to their control?

by muflotex 28 Sep 2014

No offence and sorry to disagree Disney is great
but they can only licen their own characters.

The children's novel of Pinocchio (1883), written by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi inspired many artists. Perhaps you can find a design that is not based on the Disney layout. Good luck!

jrob by jrob 28 Sep 2014

?I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here? Please elaborate.

muflotex by muflotex edited 28 Sep 2014

hard for a non native speaker, trying to say keep on the save side

If you search for Pinocchio all kinds of pic come up, even a pinocchio tilda doll, and vintage wood work and many childen book ilustrations, so there is more than the Disney version. Found an e.g. a broom, any broom design, could be related to Harry Potter but not all broom designs are licended by Disney.

jrob by jrob 28 Sep 2014

Oh, O.K. That's what I thought, but I didn't want to get it wrong. You do very well for an non-native speaker. Just be careful, you can digitize or draw a cricket, but if it resembles Jiminy's Disney's. Also for a wooden boy. By drawing one that doesn't resemble Pinocchio you are fine, but if someone looks at it and says hey, that looks like Pinocchio you have broken copyright laws.
Your broom illustration is perfect. Thanks for clarifying! Hugs!

muflotex by muflotex 29 Sep 2014


by mranderson 28 Sep 2014

Pinocchio is a Disney character and I am sure most definitely licensed. Marg

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madrocki by madrocki 28 Sep 2014