by marron1 21 Sep 2014

I made loralye zucchini bread my dh says next time got to make two lol thanks loralye ...linda


by pldc 21 Sep 2014

Oh that is wonderful news I am so happy that he enjoyed it. ~hugs~

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marron1 by marron1 21 Sep 2014

he did would of taken a photo but batterys died ..linda

by Leaha 21 Sep 2014

Great success story when they are pleased.

by blueeyedblonde 21 Sep 2014

sounds interesting - maybe it's something I should try!

by noah 21 Sep 2014

I too love that bread but now i know i can't eat flour so glad someone can enjoy it hugs

by lbrow 21 Sep 2014

Good for you/Lillian