by toet 15 Sep 2014

Today my doctor told me my white blood sells are low. Hopefully my next test in a couple of weeks will be better. I am so looking forward to xmas. The chemo is in tablet form now, my hair has not fallen out again and I feel mostly well. Tomorrow a group of us will be making cuddle bears for children that are taken to hospital by ambulance. hugs Heather


by lbrow 16 Sep 2014

Good news you bring Heather, the chemo keeps the white cells down, making you susceptible to other things, but sounds as though the worst is over. You'll have a head full of curls before you know it. good to hear how you are doing/Lillian

by gerryvb 16 Sep 2014

great to see you here again, and you are feeling well most of the time.
I think making the teddies will be lovely, the children will have so much comfort by them. Hang in there, hugs/love gerry

by pennifold 16 Sep 2014

Hi Heather, so glad to see you are on the improve and that your hair hasn't fallen out this time. What a wonderful gift you are making for those children. They will feel so comforted by having those little bears to cuddle when they are distressed. Christmas is always a wonderful season and I'm so happy that you are here to celebrate it with the girls and the rest of your family. Love Chris

by marianb 16 Sep 2014

Glad to hear your feeling a little better, hopefully the next count will be better. Lovely to hear your sewing cuddle bears the children will have something to help ease their fears..

by dididwiar 16 Sep 2014

Hang in there Heather. I'm glad your feeling mostly well. I think about you often. Love and Hugs. Didi

by airyfairy 16 Sep 2014

You are one brave lady. Just keep strong. Hugs Sarah

by noah 15 Sep 2014

Keep going Girly and Always Do unto others as you would******you know:):)hugs Carolyn

by cfidl 15 Sep 2014

You are so special! I am glad to hear you will not lose your beautiful hair. Is it still as long as it was?

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toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

Gosh I wish it was, it all fell out for a year at least. It now has curls and is quite short. It was hard losing my hair, but it is worth it to have a chance of life. Thankyou, it is my family and friends as yourself that are the special ones lots of cuddles and hugs Heather

by jrob Moderator 15 Sep 2014

Heather, I remember to say your name in my prayers. I'm so happy you are feeling better and what a trouper you are to keep on helping others when you are fighting your own battle. My hat is off to you, sweet friend.

toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

Thankyou, my daughter calls it karma and my dad always told us to think of others when we are sick as there is always someone worse off then yourself. the biggest hugs and cuddles, Heather

noah by noah 15 Sep 2014

yes believe your Dads words of wisdom:):)hugs

by susiesembroidery 15 Sep 2014

God bless you and your family. I hope you will keep on getting more healthy and that you will be able to have a wonderful Christmas.

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toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

Thankyou so much your reply is very comforting. big hugs Heather

by toogie 15 Sep 2014

Christmas is always an exciting time and I hope you will be able to enjoy it. I am glad to hear you are 'feeling mostly well' and do hope your next blood work will improve. May God bless you for thinking of others, when you are not well,yourself.-Toogie

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toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

Thankyou for being so thoughtful I know that you have had your own troubles lately. Christmas is a time of goodwill. Have noticed after one house has but up their decorations ,the whole street puts up theirs. hugs Heather

by rescuer Moderator 15 Sep 2014

What a wonderful thing for you to work on -- especially while you are not feeling well. I do hope your blood count improves.

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toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

Thankyou so much, I am looking forward to seeing all the different bears at their best. hugs Heather

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Sep 2014

It is always good to have something to look forward too. Lets hope that you next test will give good results and you continue to feel better. Have fun with your group making some children s day a little brighter. Hugs

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toet by toet 15 Sep 2014

It seems like half the town has had the flue this year, I also managed to catch it, even though I had the flue needle. I am over it now, the doctor said to have plenty of rest and I should be fine. Yes tomorrow will be fun, I have a simple design that should take about one hour for each bear. Then I will tie a bright ribbon around their necks. hugs Heather