by michele921 07 Sep 2014

Wondering how many only do embroidery? I love doing all kinds of crafts from sewing, embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, wood and just about anything I can get my hands on.

I do not knit or crochet, which surprise a lot of people LOL


by lbrow 09 Sep 2014

Michelle been sewing and crocheting since a very young girl. I love it all. Many things I have tried, did a lot of macrame when it was poplar, ceramics, decopage. You name it I have probably tried it at least once to prove to myself I can do it. Machine Embroidery I started 8 yrs ago, sewing, embroidering I'm always doing, Knitting and crocheting I do at night when I have to sit with my feet up. Quilting is another love. So now the things I do the most are the last 5 I mentioned/Lillian

by grandmamek 09 Sep 2014

I do a little bit of everything. Sewing, knitting, crocheting,. My main love is machine embroidery. I used to do it by hand but then my hands rebelled and said no more. In the past I did lots of crafts and ceramics. I try and get to my embroidery machines every day. Always have a project on going.

by cfidl 08 Sep 2014

I used to do other things, and hope to again soon. This summer I was outside, it was a learning experience.

by AuntAnnie 08 Sep 2014

Mostly machine embroidery. I do a little bit of sewing--mostly bags at Christmas time. I'm artistically challenged but love fabrics, textures, and colors which is what drew me into screen printing (I miss my CAD cutter and heat press) then home embroidery. I currently have a large stash of sticks from our fruit tree pruning awaiting transformation into simple walking sticks.

by sdrise 08 Sep 2014

I do it all Sew, paint jewerly, embroider hand and machine.wood projects, cake decorating. any kind of crafts. garden, bake, Foster cats anything from ctafys to construction. Hehe Suzanne

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by airyfairy edited 08 Sep 2014

I sew, embroider (only machine now), x-stitch and knit. Would love to learn how to make a quilt. Too scared!!!!!

pennifold by pennifold 08 Sep 2014

It's dead easy Sarah as I said earlier in another post it's just getting a perfectly good piece of fabric and cutting it all up and then putting it back together! he he he! Love Chris

asterixsew by asterixsew 08 Sep 2014

so it looks different?

by Patricia109 07 Sep 2014

I will try anything ONCE. I bought an embroidery machine to try. Now I want a bigger & better one! I am hooked.
I sew, hand embroider, knit, crochet and teach any and all to anyone who asks or looks interested. :-)

by katydid 07 Sep 2014

I do a little of lots. What ever the occasion calls for. Kay

by sewfrenzie 07 Sep 2014

I am a Jill of all trades master of none, lol! I embroider both machine and by hand, sew all sorts of things, quilt, do some scrap booking, crochet, make crochet kitchen scrubbies, I'm just learning to knit, some beading occasionally, crafts with the grandchildren. I will try just about anything once, lol! If I like it I will go back to it again and again.

by shirley124 07 Sep 2014

I have done many crafts over the years. I still do a little sewing and embroidering, Knitting and a few other bits and pieces. Hugs

by bevintex 07 Sep 2014

I don't think you will find anyone here who does just machine embroidery and nothing else. I want to try it all and with the internet there are so many ideas and projects floating around I think "Oh,I want to make one of those". I have a huge collection of tools and gadgets but I can always find something new I must have, sometimes it's just a phase and I'll move on to what grabs my interest next. I just like to be creative and have fun with my crafting,embroidering or latest must try idea

michele921 by michele921 07 Sep 2014

I was just wondering, since I love to do so much how much do others expand out from embroidery, or what brought you to embroidery

bevintex by bevintex 07 Sep 2014

I was cross stitching by hand and was watching a home shopping channel one day and they were selling Singer embroidery machines,having no knowledge of how to machine embroider didn't stop me. I had to have one, That was in 2007. I quickly learned a lot by trial and error , that Singer is long gone but I never lost my love of machine embroidery. Still at it today and hope to be far into the future.

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by graceandham edited 07 Sep 2014

I do 90% machine embroidery, a bit of knitting and occasionally pick up old counted cross stitch projects. But the machine embroidery is what I have the "bug" to do. Don't really want to do regular sewing, but occasionally have to stitch a bit to close up a seam or something. Tailored all my clothes by the Ann Person Stretch and Sew method in the late 1970's, but that was in another life. Also was a professional cake decorator way back when.

What is sublimation?

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michele921 by michele921 07 Sep 2014

sublimation is a printing process that adheres to any polymer based product. the pillowcase I showed is sublimated, you can do so many different items with it though.

by Leaha 07 Sep 2014

I am a 'Jill of all trades' I dabble in lots of things and am the master of none. I embroidery both hand and machine, sew all kinds of items, knit and crochet a bit. I do crafts such as card making, pincushions, paper flowers, flower arranging, beading. Love to try my hand at all forms of creativity. This includes cake decoration, all forms of baking, cooking. etc. Ceramics. I know I've forgot some. :-)

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michele921 by michele921 07 Sep 2014

you sound like me, I just love to try things, and when someone says it can't be done I have to do it. Might never do it again but at least once to show it can be done LOL