by anssmile 03 Sep 2014


Happy happy dance! My son declared me fit to design new web sites.

It took me a while, as I am very logical, and have trouble to understand and remember things that are not logical to me.

The examples he gave me in the past were really constructed illogical to me, and I had a lot of trouble understanding and remembering them. In fact, there are a lot I still don't understand about them!

This time he found me examples that are logical to me, and I could actually understand and apply them! And remember them!

He had me replicating a very complex site, and I am happy to say I managed to do it with his examples, and very little help from him.

So now I have to out and find businesses who want websites, or want their existing websites redesigned to work on mobile phones and computers.

And this is where I need your prayers. Please pray that I find customers! And soon!

We are definitely moving the end of September to a cheaper apartment - please pray that we find a nice, safe and affordable apartment with a separate study for my son.

My prayers are with all of you who need them.

Best of luck.


by cfidl 05 Sep 2014

Congratulations. i taught myself website design back in 96 and I quickly became obsolete and could not keep up. I know exactly what you mean buy illogical. I took and ASP course twice. That is when I decided to leave it to others. Now with templates, I think I could maybe probably do it, however I have other messes to clean up. Lol! and hopefully time to stitch. He must be a good teacher! Best of luck with marketing!

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2014

I know you will be great...Goo Luck!

by noah 04 Sep 2014

ok i will pray.I think of you often and miss you hugs Carolyn xx