by eyeztodiefor10 20 Aug 2014

Hello my friends! I have something exciting to share! My wonderful sister came for a visit. I hadn't seen her in over a year. She brought me a gift she bought at a yard sale for $40. It is a like new Brother Disney SE 270D embroidery/sewing machine AND about 40 some odd spools of thread in a plastic carrying case! It stitches like a dream! It comes with some built in stitches including the Disney ones and there is a place to put in an embroidery card! I'm not sure yet where to find the cards but I'm sure I'll find one somewhere! It has a 4x4 hoop only and all my designs will need to be converted to pes to use on it, but it is so very NICE! I'm not giving up my Janome by any means but now I can stitch out two designs at the same time! I'm just so excited I HAD to share!!! LOL



by cfidl 25 Aug 2014

Yippee! You will also need the card reader. Brother Cards by themselves are no longer available anyway. Amazingdesigns also has a card and reader system. Have fun!

by blueeyedblonde 25 Aug 2014

Good for you! Your sister was really thinking when she bought that - grabbed it before someone else did and it sounds like she did great!

by toogie 21 Aug 2014

I have this machine! First emb one I ever bought and I am still using it after over 8 years. I paid $435.00 so your sis got a bargin! This is what you will need to tranfer designs from your pc to card. the things by the box is what comes in it.I just wanted to show the box so you would know what to look for. You can load designs on card over and over again and it holds a lot of designs at one time. Good luck, gotta go on my bus route. Toogie

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toogie by toogie 21 Aug 2014

Wal mart had this PED-Basic for $40.00 at one time, they clearanced them. They must not have realized what they had, as they still sell the machines. If you get this, then your designs are limitless, as long as they are 4x4 size, pes format. Maybe you could find a used one for sale, but make sure it has these 3 things. It also comes with a book, which I didn't show.

by gerryvb 21 Aug 2014

great gift! enjoy :)

by pldc 20 Aug 2014

that is just wonderful news Meri! I am so very happy for you & getting to see your sister after such a long time is simply the best! ~hugs Loralye~

by Midnight1 20 Aug 2014

Have fun with your machine. That is so wonderful

by noah 20 Aug 2014

Oh my your sister is such a blessing to you .Give her a big hug from me for you ok Carolyn

by gdsteliga 20 Aug 2014

What a wonderful sister. Now you can have twice the fun.
God bless you both.

by shirley124 20 Aug 2014

Wow! What a lovely gift. You will have lots of fun with it I am sure.

by debswebster 20 Aug 2014

Congratulations !! I have an SE 270D and I love it!!

by maisiebo 20 Aug 2014

What a lovely surprise have fun lucky you

by clawton 20 Aug 2014

Lucky you! Have fun

by gerryb 20 Aug 2014

Wow! That's great! I bet someone died & their family didn't want or need the machine! OR know what it was worth! Enjoy, enjoy!!

by lbrow 20 Aug 2014

Now how fortunate can you be. what a nice sister you have. this is indeed something to have joy in your heart about

by jofrog2000 20 Aug 2014

Sure is a wonderful sister! I have one of these (I actually won it). It only has one speed (400), but chugs along very smoothly. There is something wrong with the computer part so I haven't been using it for designs, but I LOVE it for sewing. Do all my piecing with it. So portable. I got a PED basic from It comes with a lank card that you can put your designs on. I can use this in my Babylock machine, also.
You can go to and find the manual for it to download. Also can get the PED software from there, so you can see how it works. (If you buy the PED box/card, they will tell you to dl from the website instead of the included cd-probably because it is outdated)
Good luck, and if you've any questions as you go along, I'm sure one of us will have an answer.

by Leaha 20 Aug 2014

Wonderful she for loan...I'm adoptable! I've never seen the like at any garage sales I go to, so happy for you. :-)

by jrob Moderator 20 Aug 2014

Lucky you on all counts!

by shozo1271 20 Aug 2014

Double Congrats! A sister visit, and a huge deal on your new Brother! ***FLOWERS***

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Aug 2014

Hi Meri. Nice to see your post again. I have this machine just not the D version. It was the first one I purchased. I love it because of the portability and it goes with me to the 2 quilting groups I attend. I no longer use it as a embroidery machine just for sewing and she has been a very faithful one. Have fun.

by arlene 20 Aug 2014

What a great deal and lucky you.

by suziequee 20 Aug 2014

Nice sister. She did good.

by awesome1 20 Aug 2014

HI EYEZ..congrats on your new machine. I had a 270D briefly..didn't like the way it threaded, but I guess I was used to the old way. Anyhow, please don't spend your $$ on cards...just one can cost you as much as the PED Basic software by Brother that comes with a card reader/writer & blank card that you use over and over. And it will hold oodles of designs at ea transfer. It normally sells for less than $100 or just a smidge over. Check Allbrands, Walmart & Sears on line, Ebay, Amazon. I lucked and got it for $85 a while ago on ebay.

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osueo by osueo 20 Aug 2014

I AGREE---PED Basic for the machine is great----you can download designs, store on your computer, load and unload the card FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Brothers!!!

by 02kar Moderator 20 Aug 2014

Two wonderful gifts in 1 day. Congrats to you.

by mrskiki 20 Aug 2014

Try the yahoo group Sew Its For Sale. You can post an in search of and if anyone has the item for sale they will contact you directly. I have used it a number of times with great success both as buyer and seller. Hugs. Nan W

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mrskiki by mrskiki 20 Aug 2014

You will also need at least the starter Brother software to be able to put your own designs on to a card. And that of course means you need a reader/writer box.

by airyfairy 20 Aug 2014

It looks as if Christmas has come early for you. What a shame that I sold all my old cards on the Internet a few months ago as I could have sent them to you. The cards are not that easy to find these days. Enjoy your 'new' machine.

by marianb 20 Aug 2014

What a wonderful sister you have!! my word the thought of getting your Christmas designs stitched out in double time is exciting.. Make sure you put the design cards on your Santa list...

by pennifold 20 Aug 2014

That's wonderful news Meri, I do hope you can find some more Brother cards. I love having my 2 machines going side by side. Love Chris

by jid53 20 Aug 2014

What a lucky girl I love surprises

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Aug 2014

What brilliant news.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Aug 2014

Brother cards tend to be pricy when bought new from a dealer but are often much cheaper when bought on ebay secondhand. A rewriteable card need the software to use it and that would then be used to transfer any design to your machine. Have fun with both machines stitching at once. What is the Janome machine that you have?