by jmweller 18 Aug 2014

Does anyone know where I can find a white peony design for a chair seat? The fabric is 14"x14" and the desired size for the embroidery is 8"x8". I've looked and can only find pink and so far, none of them are big enough. I expect it would have to be multi-hoopings since my machine won't do that large. Thanks for any help.



by pennifold 19 Aug 2014

Hi Maureen, have a look on KO's designs. There are 2 Peony designs under the Flower heading. And I agree with Kim, just change your colours to suit what you are wanting. Love Chris

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pennifold by pennifold 19 Aug 2014

In the left hand column you will see a heading saying Large Peonies, go further down the list and you will see Peony 1 and Peony 2. Good luck with it all.

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by dragonflyer edited 18 Aug 2014

There are some Peony designs at Embroidery Library..i you find a design you like, there is nothing "magical" in making it white...just change the thread colors...and another design at Advanced Embroidery...but the link would not copy correctly...Google it..

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jmweller by jmweller 18 Aug 2014

Thanks for your help.