by chattypenny 04 Aug 2014

Ewwwwwwwwwwww. The thought of touching that dirty cart at the grocery just makes me want to cringe. When I'm out and about, I just can't wait to get home and give my hands a good scrubbing. the meantime, I can attach this little pouch to my key chain and always have a supply of hand sanitizer wherever I go!

Pretty cute and functional! I love that!
You can find the design at


by lucy1234 07 Aug 2014

Good idea, thanks

by tippi 07 Aug 2014

Thank you. Love this. I just purchased.

by lulu07 06 Aug 2014

Thanks for the idea...I just purchased the design at zippy, it's on sale!

by airyfairy 06 Aug 2014

Great little pouch. I am not too fussed about shopping trolleys, it is the rail on the escalators that I cannot bear to touch!!!!

by zedna 06 Aug 2014

Great idea...I have a "thing" about grocery carts too !

by anagha 06 Aug 2014

waw.. wat a great idea...

by Leaha 04 Aug 2014

Isn't this a cute and clever idea. Way to go. :-)

by shirley124 04 Aug 2014

What a great idea.

by noah 04 Aug 2014

love your idea i need one of these hugs

by pcteddyb 04 Aug 2014

I make a lot of these with a design from MooseBStitchin (one of my biggest sellers). It has velcro as part of the design. I may look to see if I can do l the snap like you did instead - thanks for the idea!

PS: Used to HATE HATE HATE snaps - then I got Kam Snaps now I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

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dino by dino 07 Aug 2014

I have made these from MooseBStitchin and they were a big hit with everyone.

by chefin 04 Aug 2014

great idea
hugs micheline

by pldc 04 Aug 2014

a wonderful idea! & 2 of my favorite things Pretty & practical!~hugs~

by 02kar Moderator 04 Aug 2014

Great idea and well done

by elemausi 04 Aug 2014

Nice tip, thanks for showing us. Good work.

by jerrib 04 Aug 2014

Good idea, thanks for sharing with us.

by shozo1271 04 Aug 2014

I love your little pouch!!!!!!! ***FLOWERS***