by shozo1271 02 Aug 2014

UPDATE on the lake auction with the quilt and the towel. I don't know what the final bids ended up to be, but the last I saw, the towel was at $16 and the quilt was at $26. I was down by the water visiting and talking when the bidding ended. Can't believe the towel bids were so high! The towel was with the "Don't Care" design and the quilt was the "Melancholy Babies" designs at


by 02kar Moderator 03 Aug 2014

Each dollar counts so your work and time is never wasted. I am sure the quilt went for more than $26, but like everyone else I hope it was well over $100 dollars. I hope if you do another quilt they will either show off every inch of it or give more information on the size.

by marianb 03 Aug 2014

What a shame your quilt didn't get the amount it truely deserves, but great news for your towel..

by airyfairy 03 Aug 2014

I agree with Chris. Your quilt was worth much more. Somebody got a bargain.

by pennifold 02 Aug 2014

Wow! Shozo, only $26.00 - if it was me I would have removed it from the Auction. That is nowhere near enough!!!! Look at all the time, electricity and effort put into this quilt. I would be highly offended if it only went for that amount. I would have hoped it would have been well over the hundred dollars somewhere. Love and blessings Chris

by basketkase 02 Aug 2014

I was going to email you and ask what was going on at the auction...isn't it amazing what people will put a higher value on? I thought you'd get at least a hundred on the quilt!!

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 02 Aug 2014

I do hope the quilt bidding went way higher than $26... I am thinking it did. They left the quilt folded up, nobody knew how big it was... Crazy price on that towel tho.

by jeanfoz 02 Aug 2014

Good result, xx