by cj2sew 29 Jul 2014

Printing pictures on fabric.

I have done a few quilts with pictures and rather than telling you in great detail check out this YouTube video. The steps done by Nancy are the same ones I did (before YouTube) I used the Bubble Jet Set but not the Bubble Jet Rinse. I used plain water to rinse then threw it into the dryer and ironed onto freezer paper.
You must use an ink jet printer or you will not get the results you want. After ink drys iron again. I found that using the sepia tone for color printing was my favorite because, I love the look of old pictures. And remember the pictures print out backward (so don’t use lettering).
I also did not apply glue (4:35min on video) to the back because the design became a part of the quilt block

Cost: Bubble Jet Set sounds expensive but, it lasts forever. I taught 3 classes, did 2 very large quilts and still have the solution. It is over 10 years old and is still fine. Save the used solution and pour into a clean container. It can be ordered online. Printed Treasures and the cost for many photos is to expensive for me. The quality was excellent though. The photos done in color on Bubble Jet faded some over the years but, the sepia tone has not. Set the color with ironing.


by decojo 29 Jul 2014

Thank you for sharing this information. I have never printed photos on fabric, now I am looking forward to trying it.

by jrob Moderator 29 Jul 2014

I have done the same as you. I did use vinegar in my wash to set the colors and there is only minimal fading.

by cj2sew 29 Jul 2014

One other thing there are many tutorials on the internet that are very useful. I just like Nancy's tutorial best.