by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Ok, this is the first picture I've posted! I made this taggy blanket for my 4 month old grandbaby. I think all of the designs are from adorableapplique. I put some crinkle inside because she likes the feel and sound. Her mother picked out pink and grey for her room and I had left over material from the bumpers and quilt. I hope she will like it! (goes to show you how new I am at this, I put it under embroidery first instead of projects!!)


by sonjapotgieter 28 Jul 2014

Too sweet...

by pennifold 28 Jul 2014

Dear Rocky,

What a brilliant job you have done on these 4 Cute little designs and well done for your first PROJECT on here. Now you've started there'll be no stopping you. I love applique and have done quite a few projects with this style of sewing. Love Chris

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RockyB by RockyB 28 Jul 2014

Thanks Chris! I hope to get some more projects on, as time permits!

by marianb 28 Jul 2014

Very nice taggy blanket love the colour way..

by anagha 28 Jul 2014

excellent job..designs r cute...

by lbrow 27 Jul 2014

You have done an excellent job. I love your colors and the crinkly sound that babies love. Keep this lovely work coming and share with us. You are doing great and we love to look at other Cuties work/Lillian

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RockyB by RockyB 28 Jul 2014

Thank you, I love looking at all the lovely projects here, it inspires me!

by highlandermom 27 Jul 2014

Well done taggie it is very cute.

by shirley124 27 Jul 2014

I love your taggy blanket and I am sure your little grand daughter will too. Hugs Shirley

by pcteddyb 27 Jul 2014

Super Cute! I just finished a taggie up myself - mine will be for sale at a show later in the year (all the grands are well beyond taggies).

by noah 27 Jul 2014

love it very nice job hugs

by justonlyme 27 Jul 2014

Your project is super cute. I like the idea of making a small blanket for a baby or young child. That way it is highly portable and not a hassle or dragging when trying to go somewhere.
Did you use satin ribbons? My kids wore their blanket bindings out because they were satin, and they would lay in bed and rub the satin between their fingers till the went to sleep. You've given your new granddaughter a lot to keep her busy with. Very nice.

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RockyB by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Thank you. I had one of my own children who loved satin also, another loved knit. It's hard to know what they will like. I like it being small and portable also.

by elemausi 27 Jul 2014

This is nice work you have done.

by devon 27 Jul 2014

great job

by toogie 27 Jul 2014

Your taggie is cute as can be! My grand-daughter loves hers, and I am sure your grandchild will love all the cute emb you have stitched.

by decojo 27 Jul 2014

Very cute blanket! Great job!

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RockyB by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Thank you!

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Jul 2014

Congratulations with your first posting and what a great posting. Thanks for the tip of putting something inside the blanket to make a noise. Lovely work

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RockyB by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Thank you, she does seem to like the crinkle!

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Jul 2014

Good job. You have a lucky grandbaby.

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RockyB by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Thank you, she is pretty special :)!

by jrob Moderator 27 Jul 2014

This IS adorable (in all ways). Nice job. Don't think we all didn't have to learn at one point. You are doing fine. ;)

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RockyB by RockyB 27 Jul 2014

Thank you, I appreciate that!