by deegee 22 Jul 2014

Would someone be able to help me out with some information on how to add a photograph onto fabric.

My 8 year old niece lost her Mum last year in an accident and misses her terribly and I was hoping to put a photo onto a pillow case for her to hug. Thanks.


by mops Moderator 02 Aug 2014

I have used specially treated cotton you print on and also transfer paper you print then iron on a cotton item. Don't forget to mirror your picture for the latter method. I once forgot to do that on a wedding quilt I made for my daughter and the groom is now wearing his flower on the wrong side. As there was no text on that picture I did not realise until the quilt was finished.

by bowlds 31 Jul 2014

I have also seen pillows made with the fabric of a piece of clothing from, in this case, the Mom.

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by theduchess edited 27 Jul 2014

If you are in the States,Your local quilt supply shop or fabric store can also do it for you. Some charge a $1.00 to do it for you. I don't own a printer(ink is outrageous) so I get done there. Also try Office Max or Office Depot, or Staples.Some of the fabric paper will not work on a laser printer or only on an inkjet printer.

by suelyn7 23 Jul 2014

I have done this using special printer paper that I have bought in W.H.Smiths here in England and then after printing you just iron on to your fabric. This produced excellent results and washed well, you only have to remember if you use any text to reverse it ie mirror image.

by jerrib 23 Jul 2014

I am using a product called Printed Treasures for my Granddaughters Graduation Memory Quilt. They are very easy to do, just put it in your printer and print. I don't know where you live, but Joanne's in the US sells them I believe.
Hugs Jerri
You may also be able to take the picture into a Photo shop, they sometimes print onto T-shirts. If you are only doing one, this may be a thought.

by marianb 22 Jul 2014

Hi! you can pickup sheets of a material the goes into your printer, have a look at your printer or photo print shop they will stock these. There are different kinds depending on if you have a laser copier or an inkjet, there are instructions on the pack how to use them then they can be stitched onto what ever you need, if you wanted it printed onto a ready made case you will have to find someone to do for you but ask at the shops. They turn out great I used one on a memorial blanket for my SIL's niece when her nan passed.. good luck let us know how it goes.. Marian

deegee by deegee 22 Jul 2014

Thanks so much. Sounds like it won't be too difficult.

jrob by jrob 22 Jul 2014

No, it isn't difficult at all if you follow the directions.

buttercup22 by buttercup22 25 Aug 2014

if you print from your printer won't the ink run when washed