by shilly 17 Jul 2014

Cat tent diy 5 minutes


by cfidl 28 Jul 2014

I love this piece, I hope to make it soon!

by marianb 18 Jul 2014

thanks will take a look

by justonlyme 18 Jul 2014

What a very interesting idea. I'll have to add that to my "maybe I'll do this" list. I am cat sitting my daughter's cat for about the second straight year (the cat has decided this is her home I believe). She tends to prefer to lay ON things rather than hide, but she might get a kick out of it. It wouldn't hurt anything (except some hangers) to give it a try. Thank you!!
Does your kitty like this??

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shilly by shilly 18 Jul 2014

It is for my daughters cat...cant wait to see her reaction.

by shilly 17 Jul 2014

Found this in my wanderings- how to make a cat bed from a T-shirt. google: T shirt cat tent and the images that appear will show many of these; select the yellow one which will take you to You only need 2 wire hangers, a t-shirt and some cardboard. Great fun.