by stubioma 16 Jul 2014

I have a cuddle bag for my grandson who will be born in August, sewn and embellished with the giraffe alphabet. The back with stars and the birth year of 2014.

I look forward to the little treasure.


by pldc 16 Jul 2014

Just darling & congrats on the upcoming baby! Welcome to our cute family, we are happy to have you here! ~hugs Loralye~

by teun 16 Jul 2014

Sieht toll aus

by queenofhearts 16 Jul 2014

How is a cuddle bag used? That is a new term to me.

by highlandermom 16 Jul 2014

Cute bag .

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jul 2014

So sweet. You don't have long to wait to see him with the bag.