by chattypenny 09 Jul 2014

Serger Mat with attached thread catcher. The mat is stipple quilted and the backing is non-slip.

Waiting patiently for my new serger to be delivered but when it gets here, i'll be ready!


by anssmile 13 Jul 2014

Very pretty! I'm sure your serger will be delighted with all the pretty accessories...

by chattypenny 12 Jul 2014

The embroidery machine design is from Tag it from Hope Yoder.

by pamelahess 10 Jul 2014

Oh how pretty! Love it. Great job!

by snowbird42 10 Jul 2014

what a wonderful idea my serger has a thread attched attached but he mat gives me lots of ideas.........soozie

by Nezzo 10 Jul 2014

This serger mat and thread catcher are absolutely gorgeous. Where in the world did you find this design, and how can I get one? Have to have one!!! Great Job!

chattypenny by chattypenny 10 Jul 2014

I designed this myself. Thanks so much for the compliments!

Leaha by Leaha 10 Jul 2014

Great job on the design.

by lidiad 10 Jul 2014

Great job, love them!
Hugs, Lidia

by blueeyedblonde 10 Jul 2014

Great job! Now we just need an update picture with the new serger when you get it! congrats!

by binekla 10 Jul 2014

sieht super aus :) lg Bine

by normathequilter 10 Jul 2014

I love it. Would love the pattern especially the embroidery. Good job!

by vradavich 10 Jul 2014

Would love a pattern for this. My serger bounces all over the place!

by mjene 10 Jul 2014

great job. i love the design also. where did you find something like this.

by decojo 10 Jul 2014

Very pretty and very nicely done!

by lhart 10 Jul 2014

What a great idea! Is this your own design for the serger? When you have beautiful things in your sewing room you tend to use them more. Enjoy your new machine.

by diamondfowler 10 Jul 2014

great job, and beautiful design

by airyfairy 10 Jul 2014

What an amazing job. Have loads of fun with your new serger.

by nonna57 10 Jul 2014

Wow you did a fantastic job here Penny, Good luck with the waiting :)

by greytgirl 09 Jul 2014

Looks like you are all set for your new serger! Love the mat and matching thread catcher.Where did you find the serger design?

by highlandermom 09 Jul 2014

Very nice . It is shows how much you love it already. Hope you have loads of time enjoyed with your new machine.

by shozo1271 09 Jul 2014

such a great project! ***FLOWERS***

by lilylyn 09 Jul 2014

Great mat and bin for the rubbish. Love the design on the front of your little bin. Non slip mat a good idea also. Lyn

by noah 09 Jul 2014

Looks well done penny hugs Carolyn

by lbrow 09 Jul 2014

Nice job!/Lillian

by RockyB 09 Jul 2014

Cute idea!

by Leaha 09 Jul 2014

Great job, all it waits as you say is the guest of honor! Really cute design and like the non skid idea. did you glue or stitch the pieces together? Thanks for sharing. :-)

chattypenny by chattypenny 09 Jul 2014

I sewed the nonskid piece on.this is how I layered it.
1. Quilted top , right side down
2. Nonskid piece on top.
3 back fabric right side down.

Sewed together using a 1/2" seam, leaving 3 inches to turn.
Turned right side out and top stitched around it.

Thanks for the compliments

Leaha by Leaha 09 Jul 2014

Thank you for explaining this to me, it's very clever. :-}

by pldc 09 Jul 2014

wonderful & congrats on the new serger too! ~hugs~

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chattypenny by chattypenny 09 Jul 2014

Thank you.