by pat111otter 03 Jul 2014

Has anyone bought designs from Kenny Kreations called Blackwork Bags? I bought these designs a few years ago, made a couple of bags, then my PC crashed and I lost the lot! The problem now is, I bought these designs again a couple of days ago, and although I have no trouble downloading the designs, I cannot get the assembly instructions , due to all my apps going AWOL !! Can anyone help by sending the instructions by email, that's if anyone has these designs. I have contacted the designer, but not getting any joy !!


by jerrib 04 Jul 2014

I have sent you a PM

by mops Moderator 04 Jul 2014

I noticed the pattern comes with a helpfile.
I googled granny square bags and found a pattern;lang=us#pattern_content - the instructions should work for sewing too. I hope that helps.

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pat111otter by pat111otter 04 Jul 2014

That is a great help, thank you so much. That's what I wanted, to see how the squares were laid out, many thanks.

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by clawton edited 03 Jul 2014

If I'm not mistaken, Kenny's Kreations is a part of Embroidery library. If you go to the project section(tab along the top) you may find what you need. If it was a purchased design go to your purchase history and look. They keep all of your orders there and you can download them as many times as you like. It usually, also, has a pdf form of directions you can download. Good luck

clawton by clawton 03 Jul 2014

opps, I think it was Kenny's Korner on Embroidery Library. It appears that they no longer call it that.

pat111otter by pat111otter 03 Jul 2014

Forgive me for saying so, but you've got the wrong Kenny!
He is the one who I think owns Emblibrary, the one I am after is called www. KennyKreations, if you go to her site, you will see the wonderful designs she does , and the Blackwork Bags, the ones I am after the instructions for. Thank you anyway.

jerrib by jerrib 04 Jul 2014

Hi Pat: I have sent you a PM.