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by marjialexa Moderator ( edited 22 Jun 2014 ) 22 Jun 2014

Hi, Cuties, I have a really odd question for you. Of course you know I have Jamie, my Sheltie, and I get dog food in very large bags. When we got Jamie we got a thing at PetSmart called a SoftStore bag for food. It's made of like tough parachute nylon, lined separately with very heavy plastic, and has a big screw-on lid about 12" in diameter. The lid and plastic keep the food fresh, the heavy duty material keeps it in one piece, and it collapses down as the dog food gets used up. Oh, and the whole thing is washable by hand, so it can always be fresh & germ free. What an excellent idea! Which is why we paid so much for it 11 years ago. However, over the years of pouring and scooping dry dog food, the plastic liner has developed a few cuts and holes it it. Well, that lets the air in, and defeats the whole purpose of "fresh". I need to make a new liner. But of what? I've been using the plastic cat food bags, because they fit, but really don't allow all the room in the soft store bag to be used. Any plastic bag I look at that's big enough, like white garbage can liners (figured I'd just use a new one every time) says not recommended for food use. Even some of the plastic storage cans with snap lids don't recommend to be used for food. And I sure can't afford a new Soft Store just because the liner has a few holes, the rest of it is fine. They're really really expensive, and I'm on a fixed income. I'd have something to put dog food into, and no money to buy the dog food. I figured Cuties are among the smartest people around, and can come up with anything, and know the strangest most obscure facts--surely there must be a Cutie who knows where I can get heavy food-safe plastic for this fool thing. It has to be very heavy, because even though the dog food is kind of "balls", it's really rough. Well, it's supposed to "sandpaper" the plaque off Jamie's teeth, so I guess it would have to be rough. But it would put tears in garbage bag type plastic right away. It would have to be like the heaviness of the clear plastic used for tote bags, etc. and pliable, because this bag is actually round, or slightly pear shaped. If my camera hadn't decided to quit, I'd show you. If anyone has any food safe ideas, please let me know. I'm getting a bit tired of struggling with empty cat food bags, and leaving half the room in the storage bag go to waste, and half the dog food in the original bag. Darn!! This item was such a perfect thing, until it wasn't any more. I suppose everything wears out, sigh. At least I'm not as bad as my Dad was, when he called the company and chewed them out for not having the part needed to fix his toaster. The poor clerk on the other end said, very meekly and apologetically, "I'm sorry sir, but we haven't made that toaster in 40 years, we just don't have any of the parts left!" It was one of the few times I saw my Dad speechless, and without a snappy comeback, hee hee hee. I guess the toaster was one of their wedding gifts, snicker. So, maybe I'm just turning into my Dad, but I sure would appreciate any ideas you have. Hugs, Marji


by marjialexa Moderator 24 Jun 2014

Thanks for all the suggestions! Now I'm pondering them, seeing what would be the easiest. Have to take a look at those giant ZipLock bags, it's kind of hard for me to translate "gallons" into lbs. of dog food. You know, many many years ago now I thing Congress passed a law that we in the USA were supposed to go metric like the rest of the world (metric being the easiest to translate from anything to anything, being based on 10's and 100's), and the population of the country just flat out refused to do it. Maybe those of us in the USA should remember that, when it comes to some of the nonsense that's happening now. They can make all the laws they want, but if we all refuse, then what? They going to throw the whole country in jail? Just sayin'. I must have a pair of my 1960's panties on again, hee hee hee. Old revolutionaries never die, I guess. Thanks, and hugs for all the suggestions, Marji

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by shozo1271 edited 23 Jun 2014

I looked that bag up on Amazon to see what it is. (Thanks Chris for the link:) Cool Bag! I would get some kind of washable fabric and make a liner bag. It could get baste stitched in place, cut the baste stitch when you want to wash it (or replace it) The bag can last another 40 years like your Dads toaster! lol ***FLOWERS to all***

by aleene 23 Jun 2014

What is the dog food bag made off if it is the plastic or the pvc like fabric maybe it would work. I have been making bags our of them for some time. It is food safe. may be a small bag wouldn't need to be cut to just fit. Aleene

by mrskiki 23 Jun 2014

Would Oil Cloth work? It's been used for lunch bags and the like. Good luck in your hunt. Hugs. Nan W

by pennifold 23 Jun 2014

Dear Marji,

There are some dog food containers on Amazon called Gamma Vittles Vault Airtight SoftStore Pet Food Storage Containers for $44.87 + $8.49 shipping - Sold by Companion Caterers. The other one is also sold on Amazon it's called a Soft Store Collapsible Pet Food Storage by Vittles Vault - $56.99 + $5.88 shipping. Sold by PetFoodParadise - are they the sort of thing you are looking for?

The other thing that I thought might be good is that fabric called PUL used in nappies etc. It's a plastic style coated fabric. I'm not sure if it can be used with food or not though. I've copied a piece from the website about PUL -

" Eco-PUL™ fabric is washable in hot water in commercial or home laundry; it can be autoclaved, and dry cleaned. It resists abrasion, is UV stable (is not affected by sunlight), fire retardant, and anti-microbial." What caught my eye is the fact that it resists abrasion!

Love Chris

by camylow 23 Jun 2014

For what good it will do-I am going to throw this out there...In Joann's they have fabric to make baby items..i thought the material was waterproof for the washable might check this out or go to the fabric store for material used in liners...I will ask my daughter as she works in a pet store also.

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camylow by camylow 23 Jun 2014

I thought they have material used for the inside of cooler bags that may work for you...

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2014

I have never heard of the type of bag you are talking about, so I cannot help there. When I had a German Shepherd I used to store her food in a large plastic bucket with an air tight lid and never had any problems. Used to buy large bags of 10 kgs and pour it into the bucket. Sorry I am not more help. Sarah

by hoplessnz 23 Jun 2014

try a commercial caterer outlet they sell and use food safe items all the time { I hope }

by ktk9 23 Jun 2014

When I needed an unusual sized pail with a lid, I used Google to find a plastics manufacturer (whose name I can no longer recall) and I located a suitable item. I also noticed that lots of their products were "food grade" and most were priced within reason for specialty items. God luck with your search.

by gerryb 22 Jun 2014

have you thought of a patch they use on the kiddie plastic pools? It may work! Or any such patch.

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by bevintex edited 22 Jun 2014

Ziplock makes big bags, they store up to 20 gallons and you get 3 in a box, I checked the website about food safety and here is what they say

Can I use Ziploc® brand Big Bags to store food?

Yes. Ziploc® brand Big Bags can be used to store food, but they should not be used in the microwave or oven.

I have had several for a couple of years I keep craft stuff in and they are pretty sturdy. 3 20 gallon bags cost about $9.00 at WalMart

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graceandham by graceandham 22 Jun 2014

Bev, You and I think alike. And Margie, the "spares" will quickly be used in your sewing room, to keep fabric fresh, to group similar fat quarters, etc. Oh, and for finished items till the craft show.... I use them sparingly, but I use them.

by lbrow 22 Jun 2014

Hellooooo Marji!! Have you thought about checking out some of the heavy plastic coated table cloths? Haven't seen any in a long while, but haven't been looking. surely they still make them/Lillian