by arlene 17 Jun 2014

could someone tell me what the mesh that you put over a large cone of thread is called. would like to order some to go over my thread but don't know where to look. thanks


by pennyhal2 24 Jun 2014

They are called Thread Nets. Ask for them at any store that sells ME thread.

by justsew 17 Jun 2014

When I had my loose cover business, on my over locker. I have a plastic bag just a bit bigger than the big cone of Bulk, hole at top and bottom , and worked a treat try it see if it works for you.
Hugs pam.

by ewatson 17 Jun 2014

When you purchase fresh garlic in a three pack plastic net - it is the right size for medium and large spools of thread.

by awesome1 17 Jun 2014

And didja know you can use old panty hose or knee hi's? Cut to length ...roll edge.

by lori2 17 Jun 2014

I went to several places that sell fresh flowers, and asked them to save the nets the flowers come in for me. They were all happy to do this. I went back and picked a lot of nets the following week. I washed the ones that were a little soiled. I now have all the nets I need, for free.

mops by mops 17 Jun 2014

I've never seen flowers come in nets, but that might be a regional thing - I live in western Europe.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 17 Jun 2014

That is what I use too. The flowers are shipped in these nets so you will have to ask if they have any.

flowers1 by flowers1 17 Jun 2014

I'm a florist and use the nets! Mops, you may not have seen them because they are removed by the florist before the flowers are sold. They are to protect the blooms for packing and shipping.

by mops Moderator 17 Jun 2014

Just "thread net" - google it and you'll get a lot of references.

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PatriciaVosloo by PatriciaVosloo 23 Jun 2014

Hi Martine!