by rescuer Moderator ( edited 12 Jul 2014 ) 03 Jun 2014

Does your post belong in the Embroidery, Freebie, Sewing, Crafting, Digitizing, Chat, or Personal sections? You need to find help in the best Community section for your post.

This section is for questions about this site and how to navigate. It is also for questions concerning issues with designs from this website or the Cute sister sites as well as membership questions.
Misplaced posts may be removed.


by sewfrenzie 11 Nov 2016

I hadn't seen this before. Found it while l looking at someone else comments.

by AbbyCM 27 Jan 2016

Sorry! I think I got this all started! Reposted my question - hopefully in the right place. Thanks for the help!

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rescuer by rescuer 27 Jan 2016

Be sure to take a few minutes and look at the posts here in the Q&A. The posts make navigating this website much easier.

by crazypatchmama 27 Dec 2015

Dear Rescuer,
I just realized that I have been posting my quilts in the wrong section, will do try to do this right next time. I hope it did not cause too much of a backlog in your work. thank you to you all who have been inspiring us.
Wish you all a happy 2016! Hugs, Mary

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Jan 2016

Thank you Mary for helping us keep things organized. It makes it much easier to find things later.

by snowbird42 26 Sep 2015

Thank you.....soozie

by rescuer Moderator 06 Mar 2015

Please make sure you are posting in the correct section of the site.

by nonna57 08 Jun 2014

Wow . Fancy an oldie like me learning something new, Thank you for setting out so clearly, Will copy and paste for future posts. Pauline

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Jun 2014

I am happy it helped you Pauline. Thank you for taking the time to learn something new.

by RockyB 04 Jun 2014

Thanks! I did not know this. I thought that all questions were asked under the Q&A tab. I've never even gone to the 'Community' tab, I just thought that was for general chit chat. Good information!

rescuer by rescuer 08 Jun 2014

I do hope it helps all Cuties

RockyB by RockyB 09 Jun 2014

I'm sure it will help the new and seasoned cuties!

Shyamala by Shyamala 27 Aug 2014