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Do you have a freebie link you want to share? Please check the website the freebie comes from for ANY obvious copyright violations. Do not post links or any information about sites that do not follow copyright laws. Place all freebie links in the Community section under Freebies.

If you do find Freebies you would like to share -- only create one new post in the Freebie section per day. You may edit that post as many time as desired to add more information or more links. Do not create a new post for each Freebie found. Some Cuties will edit their post to say "Updated" when they add more links to alert other cuties that more links have been added. You can also use "Add Comment" to add to your own post instead of editing the post if you would rather do that.
Please begin each freebie post with the current date as most freebies are only available for one day, one week or one month.

**To post a Freebie: **First go to the Community tab located next to the Q&A tab above. Select Freebies and then press the "New Thread" button. See attached pictures for more help.


by jerrib 05 Jun 2014

I really hope everyone appreciates how hard you are working to make this site work the way that Ms V intended. There is no other site that I have found like Cute, so please Cuties, lets all try to help the moderators with posting things in the right tabs. It will make things run so much better and will be easier for new members to find the help they need.
Good job ladies...I appreciate all you have done and continue to do, to make this the best site on the Net.
Hugs Jerri

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rescuer by rescuer 05 Jun 2014

Thank you.