by rescuer Moderator ( edited 15 Jun 2014 ) 31 Mar 2014

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by sewtired 01 Apr 2014

Good instructions. Simple and to the point. Thanks so much.

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rescuer by rescuer 01 Apr 2014

Thank you. I hope it helped.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Apr 2014

I am so glad you have been doing these instructions. It is like having a Cute manual. Please keep up the good work.

rescuer by rescuer 01 Apr 2014

Thank you. I do hope it helps Cuties.

ktk9 by ktk9 06 Apr 2014

Since you have put so much effort into this info, it would be handy to have all of it compiled and located permanently in a prominent spot on the site. Maybe combine PERSONAL and CHAT sections to make room??

rescuer by rescuer 10 Jun 2014

We are going to use Q&A since that is what the site owner intended to use it for -- it would be nice to have it someplace more static/permanent though.

by dennis999 31 Mar 2014

You are a very, very nice and helpful lady, Mrs. R.

rescuer by rescuer 31 Mar 2014

You sir, may have another flower.

grannycowpuncher by grannycowpuncher 18 Oct 2014

Thank you "sew" much for these instructions, I appreciate you doing this.

cindymae68 by cindymae68 27 Apr 2018

thanks I will try this