by peersen 25 May 2014

My beautiful granddaughter AYA, which I have written about.

Infantile autism, provides some challenges in everyday life, but how I love the beautiful girl.
Thank you again for your comments at the time, was right in the world did not end, but got an absolutely wonderful girl.


by camylow 26 May 2014

The thing is GOD Blessed you with His Angel to protect and cherish while on this earth....She is beautiful and will be a joy to you and yours...

by highlandermom 26 May 2014

Your GD is a doll baby all children are a precious gift.

by christracey 25 May 2014

Such a sweet little girl. Maybe things are different for her & your family but each child/person is different anyway. Give her hugs from me & God bless.

by ajmmjs 25 May 2014

i have 2 mentally challenged grown girls. we have endured many challenges! i would rather have this family than no family! love your family!

by gerryb 25 May 2014

What a beautiful child!!! All children are a joy in my mind! Enjoy & love on her all you can!!

by grandmamek 25 May 2014

What a sweet little girl. She is so cute . Hugs, Mary

by cfidl 25 May 2014

I went back a read them and yep they were right on! I am so happy for you and your granddaughter. Best wishes

by shirley124 25 May 2014

What a beautiful little girl. So cute. Shirley

by rescuer Moderator 25 May 2014

She is beautiful! I can tell you from my own experience that it is not the end -- but a wonderful beginning to a journey you would otherwise never take. Some of my favorite memories involve the autistic children in my life.
Hugs her often -- if she will let you. It helps them learn to connect.

by barba 25 May 2014

She is awesome. You are one lucky Grandma! God has truly blessed you and your family with a treasure. Hugs, Barba

by noah 25 May 2014

wow she is a doll and looks like a wonderful wee child hugs

by suelyn7 25 May 2014

She is one very cute kid, and one day she will break a lot of boys hearts.
She has the look that says " I can do anything I want "

by graceandham 25 May 2014

What a look! She looks like a magazine cover.

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gerryb by gerryb 25 May 2014

She does!!

by abl789 25 May 2014

She is absolutely a beautiful little girl. How precious !!

by dragonflyer 25 May 2014

What a beauty...enjoy every minute with her...

by asterixsew Moderator 25 May 2014

I have been seeing Aya's beautiful picture when I have visited Cute today. She is a very precious little girl who you love and enjoy nothing will ever take that away from you. I have worked with many autistic children who I have gained much from.

by anangel 25 May 2014

She is so beautiful, and I love that sweet face!! My oldest daughter, now grown, has Down Syndrone. Although the challenges in life to educate and help her learn, have been constant, she has been one of my greatest blessings. Her enthusiasm for everything, and genuine love for everyone, uplifts my spirits, whenever I get overwhelmed or down in the dumps!
Many years ago, after I had given birth to my daughter with Downs, a friend sent me an article written by a lady who had a special needs child, also. She referred to giving birth to a child such as this, was not the "trip she had planned to Paris. Instead, the plane had landed in Holland, but, when she got off the plane and looked around, fully taking in the view, the new destination was just as BEAUTIFUL, as the one originally planned, just different!" Life isn't easy, nor fair, but it is still GOOD! Life is constant challenges, and how we deal with them, either MAKE us, or BREAK us.
May the Lord bless your family in helping your beautiful little lady be all she can be, and that you enjoy the trip with her!
Hugs, Angel

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barba by barba 25 May 2014

Beautiful little girl. Your comments are so very true and so beautifully stated. Thank you with Hugs, Barba

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by Leaha edited 25 May 2014

She is beautiful and just looks at the world through different eyes. She will be a treasure as she already is. Help her to grow and you will surely find an interest for her...a specialty that she will excel at greater than you know. Blessings on all of you. One more thing; instead of a challenge...she is an opportunity to grow! :)

by frambouille03 25 May 2014

Mon Dieu qu'elle est jolie !!! Courage. Tous les jours, il y a des progrès dans le monde. Ces enfants là ne sont plus isolés et progressent très vite. Bientôt elle ira à l'école et vous surprendra. Bisous

by pldc 25 May 2014

She is indeed a beautiful girl. I understand the day to day challenges raising an autistic child just a little because we have a friend who has two Autistic girls & has found local resources to help him with the challenges. Perhaps there are some local resources where you live that can help. Keeping all of God's children in my dailies. ~hugs~

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 May 2014

What a beautiful girl. She will give you special joys and I bet excel in some areas that you never expected which makes the daily challenges worth while. .

by jrob Moderator 25 May 2014

Oh, my goodness.....that beautiful face!!! This little precious gift will give you so much joy. It may not be your favorite flower, but the Lord has handed you a beautiful flower none the less.
My little grandson has cerebral palsy and he's 7 now. He is one of the greatest joys in my life. I wouldn't make him different if I could.

by sdrise 25 May 2014

She is a beautiful girl.... Love conquers many things. Have faith and all be be well with the world... Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 25 May 2014

I am so glad your world is beautiful again. Aya may face many challenges, but she has a wonderful, loving and supportive family to help her meet those challenges. And you have your Cute family to cheer with you for each goal she meets. Please keep posting pictures of this beautiful girl who is now a part of our loving Cute family.

by sewilso 25 May 2014

She is so beautiful, I can see how you love her so.

by anssmile 25 May 2014

What a beautiful little girl!

Years ago (20 or so!) I read an article in the "Readers Digest" about a Mom with two autistic children. I can not remember what she did, but she struggled immensely to get help. In the end she worked out something herself that helped both boys to fit in with main stream society.

I will read up on the internet and try and find that article for you. My internet is not stable at the moment, so it will take a while.

God bless!

by columbus 25 May 2014

what a beautiful granddaughter you have got! enjoy the time together. the world will be a little bit different but there will be
great moments that you will share. dont worry - be happy to have this nice little girl.

by marianb 25 May 2014

Beautiful little girl, now you have a different path that not many others get to see and travel, enbrace every moment..

by pennifold 25 May 2014

Dear Rita, what a stunning looking little girl. I can see she has so much determination of character just by looking at her face. There is so much information for Autistic children these days and as Toogie has said she will be alright. Love Chris

by airyfairy 25 May 2014

Just a bit of a different world now for you and your family. You have the most beautiful little GD. Thank you for posting.
Hugs Sarah

by yvonnevanwerkhoven 25 May 2014

She is so beautiful...treasure her every moment

by toogie 25 May 2014

Aya is beautiful! No the world did not end.You are being shown a world, that you did not know existed,or that until now,you were less aware of.She will be alright,there is so much she can be taught.She is so beautiful and I know how much you love her.Best wishes to you both-Toogie