by jmweller 21 May 2014

I was really excited to find that I have a robin's nest in one of my cherry trees. Another sign of renewal in spring. No eggs yet, but I will keep checking.



by baydreamer 22 May 2014

Nature , I just look out my kitchen window and see this,(picture sucks) there are 4 little ones in the smallest of nest. Mom Robin never stops finding food, lucky for her I have a garden and lawn (white clover) , a clean bird bath so she never has to leave home.
I have learn something very interesting, I have watched the crackles ( bird) bring something to my bird bath, it's poo, from the babies, I have seen the robin , after she feeds them, they poo she is right there to get it and fly away with it.
How lucky I had the crow Hector last year , who I have fed all winter long and it was one long cold winter . Hector still comes everyday, there is fresh meat waiting for this great bird. I don't want to hear anything negative , it's survival of the fittest for the animal kingdom, learning to adapt to everything man brings in his changes. God bless these wonder creatures we have been so bless to have around us, may we keep them safe.

by sdrise 22 May 2014

I love watching nature do its thing Suzanne

by Leaha 21 May 2014

After watching the eaglets and other it's so much fun. You now get to be up close and personal. Have a great time. :)

by 02kar Moderator 21 May 2014

Yea! I love babies. We are slowly becoming reaquainted with the birds here at home.

by jrob Moderator 21 May 2014

I have a nest of Doves in my backyard and Blue Birds in both boxes in the front and back yard. I love watching them, especially when the babies start to come out.

by spendlove Moderator 21 May 2014

I love watching out for the baby birds. We have a song thrush nest as well as a robins, so I too am excited.