by jmweller 16 May 2014

I wanted to show how beautiful it is in Idaho in the spring (at least in my front yard). These are obviously irises (and lilacs) but I thought it was great that they are all blooming at the same time.

Thanks for looking.


by anssmile 19 May 2014

Oh, beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

by hightechgrammy 17 May 2014

Oh my goodness! I can almost smell them! Wow! Thanks for sharing.

by toogie 17 May 2014

I love flowers and these are so pretty.

by marianb 17 May 2014

Love the smell of lilacs, but can't have them my dear neighbour has pretty bad asthma so won't plant anything that might upset her health..

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jmweller by jmweller 19 May 2014

I have a total of 6 bushes of different colors. My son is allergic to them, also, but since he doesn't live with me, just holds his breath to come in the door. : )

by graceandham 16 May 2014

Lovely. The scent of irises is still a scent that sends me reeling back to age 4 (a long way back). My Mother had the old purple irises all along the property line with our neighbor, about 5 feet deep by maybe 80 feet.

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jmweller by jmweller 19 May 2014

We also had them growing in our front flower bed in Illinois. I've loved them ever since.

by jen15957 16 May 2014

They are so beautiful, I live in new York and I went to the lilac festive the other day they smelled so good.

by shozo1271 16 May 2014

Your flowers are so beautiful!! Spring and summer are finally coming! ***Heres more flowers to all***

by ajmmjs 16 May 2014


by noah 16 May 2014

oh my the smell would be heavenly:):) Awesome .I wish we could grow like this :):)hugs

by sewilso 16 May 2014

Gorgeous flowers!

by darenluan 16 May 2014

Pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing.

by pennifold 16 May 2014

Ooh! Maureen I bet the fragrance is just gorgeous. I love Lilac and any flower that has a strong fragrance. I've got Freesias, Daffodils and Sweet Peas in but they won't be out for a while yet as it's only Autumn here. Love Chris

by lilylady 16 May 2014

they are beautiful, the leaves aren't even out yet in northern Minnesota. Last night of cold tonight! YEH!

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lilylady by lilylady 16 May 2014

I can just smell them!

by jmweller 16 May 2014

Sorry, I forgot to hit the upload button. : )

decojo by decojo 16 May 2014

very pretty!

gerryb by gerryb 16 May 2014


gerryb by gerryb 16 May 2014

Oops. I just commented on YOUR comment!! But they are lovely!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 May 2014

So pretty.

katydid by katydid 16 May 2014

I ALSO HAVE THE LOVELY WHITE IRIS!! I do love them. Nice yard!!

cfidl by cfidl 16 May 2014

gorgeous! Lilacs are my favorite. I want a kind called tinkerbell which are a fuchsia color.

rmj8939 by rmj8939 17 May 2014