by Mondkanikel 27 Mar 2014

I stitched my first two in-the-hoop bags!

I used the free monogrammed zipper design from picklepie designs.
First I did the black one for my mother with her initials on it. The one with the bird I stitched today. Because of the thick bird stitching the design was moved a little bit in the hoop. But because I already choosed contrasting yarn it is not as bad as I thought.


by ajmmjs 27 Mar 2014

WONDERFUL!!!!!! you r sooo creative! thanks for letting us see.sincerely,lynne

by edithfarminer 27 Mar 2014

This is lovely, unfortunately not free anymore

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Mondkanikel by Mondkanikel 28 Mar 2014

I think they are still free ;)

by robinbird 27 Mar 2014

These bags you've made look lovely& ribbons compliment so nicely too. Thanks for sharing them& site info. :~D

by noah 27 Mar 2014

excellent you will be on a roll now hugs

by highlandermom 27 Mar 2014

Terrific job on these love your fabric choices.

by pldc 27 Mar 2014

Very pretty. ~hugs~

by decojo 27 Mar 2014

very nice

by airyfairy 27 Mar 2014

Congratulations - you have done a brilliant job.

by basketkase 27 Mar 2014

What a great job on these purses.....beautiful fabrics...

by cfidl 27 Mar 2014

Excellent pieces, very stylish!

by Dupsilly 27 Mar 2014

wow Great job they look just fine to me, your mom will love hers

by 02kar Moderator 27 Mar 2014

Kudos to you and well done

by etui22 27 Mar 2014

what pretty colours, very nice indeed.

by oaro 27 Mar 2014

love it well done

by sewilso 27 Mar 2014

They are very nice! I love that cardinal especially!

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Mondkanikel by Mondkanikel 28 Mar 2014

Thank you :)
Actually it's an Cardinal from the Cute Embroidery Cardinal Numbers ;)

by lidiad 27 Mar 2014

They are both very pretty!
Hugs, Lidia

by toogie 27 Mar 2014

Both look very well to me,don't you just love doing these? Get your zippers from,they are the cheapest I've found so far.Love the fabrics,esp your moms!-Toogie

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Mondkanikel by Mondkanikel 28 Mar 2014

Thank you! Yes I could do a lot more of them. They are so wuick and easy! But for now I runned out of stabilizer, so I have to wait a little bit for the next one ;)
I'm from germany, so ordering abroad is not so cheap. But I buyed the zippers for 1€ (about 1,40$) each, normally they cost about 3-4€!!!

by mops Moderator 27 Mar 2014

They look both very pretty. I like the contrasting ribbons you added.

by marianb 27 Mar 2014

They turned out wonderfully, loved the fabrics used.

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Mondkanikel by Mondkanikel 28 Mar 2014

Thank you!