by gramsbear 24 Mar 2014

Cuties!!! Can someone who has 4D or 5D software help me??? All of my designs automatically go to my 4D software and I need to know how to change that to Embird, does anyone know how to do this??? Thanx for your time & trouble. Hugs, Judy


by spendlove Moderator 24 Mar 2014

If I'm understanding your problem correctly, you need to change the default program for opening that kind of file.
Go to "control panel" and select "default programs"
Then select "associate a file type or protocol withe a program" (that can take a while to load up.)
Scroll down until you find the file extension of your embroidery format. Click on it to highlight and the click the change program button (top right) and choose the one you want.
Hope the picture helps.

gramsbear by gramsbear 24 Mar 2014

Thanx so very much for the tutorial!!! I am not so computer savvy sometimes! I will follow this!!! Hope I can help you sometime! Hugs, Judy

gramsbear by gramsbear 25 Mar 2014

I appreciate your help!!! It worked! Thanx again, Hugs, Judy

by cfidl 24 Mar 2014

I believe if you are running windows 7 that it be in control panel.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 24 Mar 2014

Thanx!!! I will try that, Hugs, Judy