by leenova54 24 Mar 2014

Aleene, I got a bit mixed up and said that Arlene sent me a FSL angel that looked a bit like a bonnet girl but it wasn't her, it was you and I don't know you screen name so I can thank you. She is so cute. My curio cabinet will be gone soon (I hope) and that will free up some space across the mirrors that I have all the others in front of so it will hang there soon too! Thank you so much, whoever you are, lol!


by pldc 24 Mar 2014

It is lovely to "see" you Deb, as always in my prayers. ~hugs Loralye~

by cfidl 24 Mar 2014

Thanks for coming and I am sure the Cute family member knows how much her gift is appreciated. God Bless.

by susiesembroidery 24 Mar 2014

Debra, I hope you are feeling better. It is always such a pleasure to hear from you. I think of you daily. Lovies.

by noah 24 Mar 2014

Hello Debra ,Nice to see you love your gift :):) hugs

by jussyc 24 Mar 2014

Been away for a while, but am delighted to see you post here Deb, sending huge cyber hugs :)

by juanitadenney 24 Mar 2014

So nice to see you again on Facebook, hope you are doing alright. Juanita

by toogie 24 Mar 2014

Hi Deb,nice to see you on Cute!

by michemb 24 Mar 2014

nice to see you again Deb
hugs Michelle

by aleene 24 Mar 2014

You are so welcome, I hoped you would enjoy her.I am still Praying for you.

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leenova54 by leenova54 25 Mar 2014

Aha, I tried to PM you using your name like that but it basically told me there was no such user! Weird, but the angel was so cute! If my cousin gets this curio cabinet picked up I will have more room to hang some angels. Still have to work on my machine, it just is giving me fits and I don't feel up to sitting there working on it but I have to try it soon, only have 3 pocket angels to hand out at chemo now and want to make more. Later, Deb