by hagridsmom 22 Mar 2014

Does anyone have a source for the waffle weave, white or maybe colored dish towels? I was getting them at Wally but they don't seem to be there anymore. I looked on line and didn't even see them at Wally's. I owe a few wedding sets of DOW towels .... TIA for any assistance.


by asterixsew Moderator 13 Jun 2015


by craftyann 13 Jun 2015

I found some very similar ones at K-Mart- 2 for 4.98

by theduchess 30 Mar 2014

If you'll go to EBAY and type in this item number.
You should get a very reliable source for huck towels.
Weave is tight not loosy- goosey. Had purchased from another seller but they came out looking like guaze after the first wash. These have proven to be very sturdy and weave is tight.Hope it helps.

by sewilso 30 Mar 2014

I loved those towels walmart had, I think they were microfiber, so nice and soft. I hate the new ones they have, they're just cheap. Dollar
general store has some decent cotton ones, they have a striped border, it has a different kind of weave, you might look at and see what you think. They are looped on one side and woven on the other, and also come in solid colors. I've been buying those, though the older walmart ones are still my favorite for sewing on.

by jrob Moderator 29 Mar 2014

Look at EmbroiderThis. They have great customer service and wonderful products.
If you are going to purchase in bulk they also sell wholesale if you a resale license and Sales Tax number.

by katydid 26 Mar 2014

I actually found some in the grocery store and they seem to mark them down with each season change .I always check the clearance section. Kay

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katydid by katydid 26 Mar 2014

I just looked at the label and it said Bardwil Linens. google that!

by parkermom 26 Mar 2014

My daughter has bought some wonderful flour sack towels from this site---Acs home and work. The prices are good, the customer service is wonderful, and they're fast.

by bjban283 22 Mar 2014


I found this site by typing Waffle Weave Towels in the Search box, hope this helps as they are blanks for embroidery.


by muffy 22 Mar 2014

This is about the cheapest I can find...of course the more you buy the cheaper they get they also sell in bulk of #50 plus towels. Great if you sell them. But also have #3 on up. They also sell colored towels.
Muffy :)

muffy by muffy 22 Mar 2014

On second thought they ship from Hong Kong so I'm not sure about them.
Muffy :)

crazystitcher by crazystitcher edited 22 Mar 2014

Thanks for the info; not sure about them either - they might be very good; but if I were to buy from overseas from a company I knew nothing about, I think I might prefer to shop via EBay where you can get a little info about the vendors' reputations and pay via PAYPAL which might be safer.