by muflotex 22 Mar 2014

22nd March 2014 With my friends wish for a bread cover the question struck us in a chat about it, as bread is a basic food, how do the traditional bread storage - fabricstyle - look in different countries.

As we have a lot of cutes living in different parts of the world I would like to now are you or did your grandmother use a breadsack or a linnen to cover bread or what kind of storage is common where you live. Collecting new ideas from old knowledge - thank you for your help - love to see pictures.


by bjban283 22 Mar 2014

My grandmother stored her bread in a breadbox on the counter. If I remember right my mother stored hers in a tupperware bread container. I currently store mine in the refrigerator due to living in FL, we can't eat it before it molds.


by theduchess 22 Mar 2014

Our bread was kept in very large shortening cans. These sat under the kitchen work table. But bread did not last too long and our family had 3 uncles and 3 brothers, and was quickly eaten.

by pennifold 22 Mar 2014

My grandmother had a little wooden box with a sliding roller door type bread box, but when it was on the table she always covered it with a a tea towel made out of linen or a voile cloth. Something like the one below. Love Chris

by muffy 22 Mar 2014

Seems like as a kid my mom just bought Wonder Bread and kept it on the counter. In my Mom's day they had a big family and made a Wash Boiler full of bread dough and made homemade bread. But I don't think it lasted them long. Know they did that at least once a week. She never said how it was stored...possibly in a bread cupboard.
Muffy :)