by Janus48 20 Mar 2014

This is for Sewmom and those of you who wondered about the age of the RedHeart Orlon Pompadour yarn. I got an email back from Coats & Clark and here's the answer.......... "Thank you for your recent inquiry about the age of Red Heart Orlon Pompadour. That product was manufactured in the 1960's and 70's, although we can't give you a specific date for the skein you have. The records for that manufacturing run have long since been discarded.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.


Ann Blalock
Manager, Consumer Information


by cfidl 22 Mar 2014

Yep! How many of us can feel a yarn or fabric and tell you what it is made of? probably most of us, and we are a small number.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Mar 2014

Isn't that great that they took the time to reply. Makes me glad I still buy their yarn.

by sewmom 20 Mar 2014

Thank you for going the extra mile!

by dragonflyer 20 Mar 2014

Nice one..thanks for posting the answer...looks like several of us who posted our guesses were right on the money!