by kingmar 28 Feb 2014

Penguin quilt, What does the fox say shirt

OK, breaking my silence after considerable time lurking. Thanks to gentle nudging to post by Sue after requesting her "twist' design. (haven't twisted yet and you can see why)
ITH quilt using Anitagoodesign Quilting Essentials with their Penguins and Puffins designs in the squares. Border is Embroidery Library Penguin Tracks. Backing is from JoAnn's.
Shirt is another Anita design (Shrinky Animals) and the wording is based on the You Tube video What does the fox say? The GDs go around singing it all the time.


by de105 02 Mar 2014

Love Love Love the penguin quilt.
Great job on both.

by Shisha 01 Mar 2014

Beautiful job! Thanks for posting!

by rescuer Moderator 01 Mar 2014

Lovely work! I am happy Sue convinced you to join in posting your Projects

by lenamae 01 Mar 2014

very nice work.

by pcteddyb 01 Mar 2014

Nice Job on both. I passed up the Shrinky Animals at the event I went to in January - thinking more and more I "need" it!

by pldc 01 Mar 2014

they are both just wonderful! A beautiful quilt with a perfect backing fabric to match & the fox is just an adorable tee! well done & I am very glad to are ready to share with us! hugs loralye

by michemb 01 Mar 2014

just so cute and I love your border, nice job

by elemausi 01 Mar 2014

Nice quilt, like the quilting and the border too.

by cfidl 01 Mar 2014

Wow! So glad you spoke up and posted your beautiful creations. I know a penguin enthusiast and she would go nuts for this.

by marianb 01 Mar 2014

Beautiful Quilt.. Congratulations! and Welcome to cute..

by spendlove Moderator edited 01 Mar 2014

Brilliant! Why did you wait so long?
Bring on the rest of your projects.

by marfa 01 Mar 2014

Lovely Quilt and you did a beautiful job

by justsew 01 Mar 2014

You have done an amazing job of your quilt is just enough penguins on there, the edge sets it off.the Fox is great too.
hugs pam.

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kingmar by kingmar 01 Mar 2014

Thank you. I wanted each penguin block on it's own not touching any other so that arrangement is what I came up with.

by Normal 01 Mar 2014

Adorable penquin quilt and I LOVE the little fox!

spendlove by spendlove 01 Mar 2014

Welcome to you too!

cfidl by cfidl 01 Mar 2014

Welcome to Cute!

pldc by pldc 01 Mar 2014

yes Welcome to our cute family! hugs Loralye

by pennifold 28 Feb 2014

What a beautiful quilt 'kingmar" - I particularly love the border design with the little penguins walking. It's a lovely soothing colour too and your backing fabric matches so well. Love the fox, but don't know the story about that one. I just had a look at it on YouTube. Catchy! but have never heard of them. Love Chris

by gerryb 28 Feb 2014


by buffy1 28 Feb 2014


by graceandham 28 Feb 2014

Love those Anita good designs. I bought Quilting Essentials and have done zip with it so far, so you'reway ahead of me! Like your backing material, too.

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kingmar by kingmar 01 Mar 2014

Caution - when using the Quilting Essentials there are a couple border options that I feel are not crystal clear in the tutorial. The tutorial shows 2 pages of each design. The left page are the main block options. Most of the right page are the border options. If you look very closely you will see that the border blocks are slightly different than the main body blocks. Long story made short ... I wanted the mitered corner border blocks so ended up with mitered corners that had quilting slightly different than the rest of the border. I called AGD and was told that was because they wanted the borders to be different than the rest to stand out. They told me my option was to use the rectangle from the main designs (which I had done) then complete the corner with a small square from the main designs. As I had already done the mitered corners that is what I used.

by oaro 28 Feb 2014

beautiful quilt

by jrob Moderator 28 Feb 2014

What a wonderful quilt. You did a beautiful job. Your quilting is to die for!
Have young grands so I DO know what the fox says. ;)
I must admit that I am happy visiting them in the local zoo and not living in their environment. Just coming out of winter here and I'm particularly done with it.

by 1961nancy 28 Feb 2014

You did a fantastic job. Is this your first quilt?


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kingmar by kingmar 01 Mar 2014

I have done small lap size ones but this is only my second full bed size one. The first full was quite a learning experience and the penguin one went a lot better.

by highlandermom 28 Feb 2014

Glad your out and about. Welcome! Love your quilt it is very nice and the t shirt looks great!

by greytgirl 28 Feb 2014

Love the adorable fox shirt and the quilt!

by powellrh 28 Feb 2014

I love your quilt! It is so creative and well done. I love the designs you used. The border is so awesome.

by kanny 28 Feb 2014

Welcome...Glad you decided to post it's lots of fun keep them coming and they look great.

by sewilso 28 Feb 2014

I'm in love with your quilt! Very pretty, and my grandies love the fox song. Nice work!

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Feb 2014

Welcome to Cute. It is much more fun taking part than lurking on the sidelines. Thanks for starting off here by showing us your lovely work

by dragonflyer 28 Feb 2014

Well...let me be the one to say...BIG WELCOME LURKYLOO! So glad Sue got you to come out and be a part of this wonderful Community...Love the quilt....and the penguins walking around the cute! Hopefully, now that you have "come out" will no longer be a "lurker"...and I am sure the fox would agree...the fox says.."no lurking allowed"'re out now...!