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by sewfrenzie ( edited 21 Feb 2014 ) 21 Feb 2014

Well I really did it this time! I did something really stupid, something I knew better than to do, but in a momentary lapse of judgement, for I ca not for the life of me figure out why else I would do such a STUPID thing, I stuck my hand in a wood splitter to remove a log, or so I thought, and got it crushed. OUCH!!!!!!!! Puts it mildly!! It happened almost a week ago, and I have 3 broken bones in my right hand. It could have been far worse than it is. I could have had my entire hand crushed or worse yet hand it choped off. The index finger has the worst of the breaks with several fragments in the bone above the palm. The middle finger has a crack across the bone in the palm, and the bone in the palm under the index finger has to cracks in it. One across, and one goes toward the finger.

So needless to say, I won't be doing any sewing, or very little if I can even figure out how to hoop something to begin with. Looks like it could take a good 6 weeks or more to heal. I saw an Orthopedic Specialist Tuesday and he said we are going toet it heal, as everything is lined up really nice right now. I go back this coming Tuesday to get the stitches out and have an x-ray to see how well its healed in the 10 days previous.



The one handed bandit


by manami 22 Feb 2014

Diane, that must hurt a lot. I had a truck on my foot few years ago, and it did hurt a lot, so I can imagine your pain. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs, Yoriko

by shuede 22 Feb 2014

Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Denise

by katydid 21 Feb 2014

Oh ! child , I am so sorry,

by ssampsel 21 Feb 2014

a good doctor can fix many boo-boos!! always have a good hand & wrist dr. if you sew a lot. hope you have a good recovery.

by lucy1234 21 Feb 2014

Hope you heal soon so you can sew again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

by marjialexa Moderator 21 Feb 2014

Wow, Diane, what a mess, I'm so sorry! You weren't satisfied with putting a sewing machine needle through your finger like everybody else, you had to "go for the gold" with a log-splitter? Bit extreme, I think, we really would have sympathized with the needle thing. Do rest it, don't move those bones, and good luck doing everything one-handed, that's a tough one! Hope you feel better soon, and heal quickly. Hugs, Marji

by sewilso 21 Feb 2014

Oh No!!!! I'm so sorry, hope you get it back in shape soon, and not be out of commission for too long, I know that had to hurt.

by devon 21 Feb 2014

OUCH!!!!!!!! is right. Hope things get better fast for you. Hugs DeVon

by graceandham 21 Feb 2014

So sorry to read all this! May you heal well and quickly. Meantime, catch up on your reading? I've been stitching four years and I'm four years behind on my reading! Seeing this z-ray reminds me why we do not spank babies' little hands - their bones are still in 300 pieces!

by mad14kt 21 Feb 2014

Diane I pray you a 100% healing!!! May everything line up PERFECTLY!!! I pray you much peace and comfort in your down time!!! Much love and hugs sent your way!!!

by rachap 21 Feb 2014

You are right, it could have been much worse BUT it still must hurt like the dickens!! Hope it doesn't slow you down completely & the it continues to heal. Be sure not to lift anything heavy like your iron, pots & pans, vacuum cleaner,Etc!

by hightechgrammy 21 Feb 2014

OOOOOUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHIIIIIEEEEEE! I'm sooo sorry you did this, silly girl! It looks terrible and swollen too. Healing kisses on your poor hand. Jan

by pennifold 21 Feb 2014

Oh! my goodness, I do hope your hand heals completely Diane. You were certainly lucky not to have done more damage than this. Love and prayers, Chris

by debswebster 21 Feb 2014


by theduchess 21 Feb 2014

Diane, all I can say is-ouch!!

by airyfairy 21 Feb 2014

What a dreadful thing to happen. As you so rightly say - it could have been much worse. Just relax and let it heal. The sewing can wait. Hugs for a speedy recovery, Sarah.

by justsew 21 Feb 2014

You are so very lucky , to have got away with just this. each time you get frustrated say I am so Lucky. one seconds decision can alter the rest of your life. My husband did this same rash thing with a circular saw instead of changing to a jig saw . and a year on and TWO fingers less he was on the mend. his could have been worse, and so could yours. you can not go back but i hope this helps you mentally to cope.Please do as you are advised, I hope all is mended soon with no after troubles.

Many hugs Pam.

by hagridsmom 21 Feb 2014

Oh my goodness - I know that hurt and still does. I am so sorry. We all can look back though and see where we have made those decisions also. Best of luck to you.

by sewtired 21 Feb 2014

How awful for you! I'm glad that you still have your hand and hope that it heals well and soon.

by laffma1 21 Feb 2014

Oh my - that hurts. And I bet your hand is a pretty shade of purple, too. You really are lucky to still have your hand, as log splitters close quite forcefully. I don't even like to stand too close to them while operating, because they can throw the wood pieces off at any angle and hit you (ask me how I know this...). Well take good care of it, and be sure to do all the physdical therapy after it has healed enough. Such a hardship having only one working hand.

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 21 Feb 2014

I wouldn't call it pretty, lol! Unless you mean pretty angry. Its black, blue, and yellow mostly. And stillwollen, but not as bad as it originally was.

by noah 21 Feb 2014

yes you will be sore for awhile for sure ,been there, done that A ND i don't care to repeat .Will pray for you .My hubby is blind and hes uses that thing all the time and i half to be there to help and watch oh boy:(:(hugs Carolyn

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by cfidl edited 21 Feb 2014

Those split second decisions that are so absurd, been there done that... and yeah you feel it after, and you do... The pics - WOW! you can see how bad your index finger is and the cracks! I am so glad the good news is all will heal well. and you will again be stitching! What will you do until then?

by jacewilson 21 Feb 2014

OWIE!! And hands are so complicated to fix... do take care, be cautious, and have a good MD!! I broke that little bone at the base of my thumb a year ago, and it still pains me.
Best wishes for a rapid recovery!!

by shozo1271 21 Feb 2014

we will all say ouch with you... so very sorry for the pain that must be. Flowers to you and to everybody!

by dennis999 21 Feb 2014

I've got to hand it to you Diane, you certainly don't do things by halves do you? I know that you don't need reminding but that has got to hurt and I have every sympathy for your plight. Please take care now and as others have said, you need to give this time to heal properly.

by gerryvb 21 Feb 2014

ouch!!!~ hope the pain will get less and everything will heal okay.Take the time to give the hand full rest ! My hugs for you ..

by dragonflyer 21 Feb 2014

Oh, my...sympathies to you!

by eggyannie 21 Feb 2014

OOOWWAAAA Yep that really was a silly thing to do but Gods are good and you will still be able to use it once the bones have healed.
As you rightly say you could have lost your hand and then how would you manage to do Embroidery work and hoop the fabric. Take care and just remember to move those fingers.
annie in the uk

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by rescuer Moderator edited 21 Feb 2014

That really must be painful! I am so sorry and I do hope you heal fully.

by spendlove Moderator 21 Feb 2014

Ouch - my sympathies.