by kylasm 19 Feb 2014

I don't know if this has been shared yet but it's so amazing. Such a large sewing box, I don't know if I could squeeze it into my sewing room!


by noah 12 Mar 2014

i could fit it here lol

by hightechgrammy 07 Mar 2014

Wow that is amazing! But, it wouldn't work for me. I have to see what I'm storing or I could never find anything - LOL Also I'm too short. It is pretty cool!

by debswebster 20 Feb 2014

Fabulous, quite a few inventive ideas on that site. Thanx for sharing.

by shozo1271 20 Feb 2014

wow, how would you get into this thing?? Its like a statue, not something you could really use! Cool tho! Flowers to everybody!

by marianb 20 Feb 2014

Just what I was looking for in a new sewing box, just asked DH he said not in this lifetime.. hehehe oh well maybe I should come back as a man then I can build it myself, but will I still want it?hmmm

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greysewist by greysewist 08 Mar 2014

tut, tut, tut, who says women can't also build? Anyway, if you look like starting, he'll probably take over to 'save' the project and the tools etc, LOL.

by christracey 20 Feb 2014

Well I guess it is a good replica of the original but how the heck would you get to anything? Let alone have somewhere to put it.....

by mysew1325 19 Feb 2014

this is so cool....

by ribblev 19 Feb 2014

This would need a house extension............Ann

by 02kar Moderator 19 Feb 2014

Great idea but I am not sure I could reach the top levels without a ladder.

by theduchess 19 Feb 2014

Oh How lovely. Great for storing quilts, linens...

by spendlove Moderator 19 Feb 2014

Almost big enough to live in!