by bevgrift 12 Feb 2014

Hi Cuties,

Wondering if anyone has an idea what this little chest, with drawers, could have been designed for?
It is about waist height and not very deep, the storage slots look very interesting but we have no idea what they store.
My DD asked me about this chest and I promised her I would ask the cleverest people I know, who other than My Cutie Friends.
Hugs Bev


by Patricia109 13 Feb 2014

I first thought paper in the shelves. But I couldn't tell what the cupboard width is from the photo. It could have been for storing VHS tapes if that is the correct width. Or if smaller 8 tack tapes?
Lovely Folk Art.

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by dec716 edited 13 Feb 2014

The open slots behind the door look like made for old cassette tapes. And drawers used for the cords and player. It is gorgeous.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 13 Feb 2014

I think it was for entertainment unit too. But now could be used for Scrap-booking materials.

by marianb 13 Feb 2014

It looks like it could be used to store Scrapbooking paper and whatnots in.. what ever she decides to use it for it is a lovely peice of furnature..

by muffy 12 Feb 2014

Who cares? It's gorgeous!!!! I'd think of something to use it for.
Muffy :)

by shozo1271 12 Feb 2014

would be great in your sewing room, it could hold all sorts of things! Don't have a clue what the original use was for. Pretty tho! Flowers to all

by graceandham 12 Feb 2014

Don't know how old it is or how wide it is, but I had a record cabinet with slots with that funny little curve. Since it has been toled, maybe some crafter wife and husband made it custom for one of their hobbies? Very pretty.

by highlandermom 12 Feb 2014

This is a very cute cabinet. I am not sure it reminds me of the one tape Beta style tape holder. It did not last as long as they thought VHS was bigger hit and now look it is Satellite or DVDs. I like the ideas put here. The drawers maybe possible other tape type storage.

by gerryvb 12 Feb 2014

I agree with the others, I think for paperwork files, or but it depends of the size for music lp's and cassettes in the drawers. But it's beautiful !!!

by ktk9 12 Feb 2014

Are the slots wide enough for sheet music? I have seen sheet music cabinets with slots but don't remember them having any drawers.

by maymal2 12 Feb 2014


by pldc 12 Feb 2014

A beautiful file cabinet? If it weren't for the slots I might hazzard a guess like this...........a potato bin the bottom holds the bag & the drawers could be for onions?

by clawton 12 Feb 2014

It is a beautiful cabinet. Could have lots of uses. I agree with the others about paper/folder storage.

by maisiebo 12 Feb 2014

It's very pretty I would use it in my sewing room IF I HAD ONE to keep sewing things in have you tried to see if CD's fit in the slots? if so would be ideal to keep your embroidery CD's

by rescuer Moderator 12 Feb 2014

It does look like the slots are for paper -- I am wondering if it is original to the piece. It looks as if it may have been added after the original construction.

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airyfairy by airyfairy edited 12 Feb 2014

I wondered that as well. Also the magnetic closure is not probably the original closing method

by 02kar Moderator 12 Feb 2014

It does look like a writing desk, doesn't it. Yes, the slots are definitely for files or types of paper. It is lovely.

by cfidl 12 Feb 2014

Nice antique, if the slots had a drawer type thing you would probably have it or the remains of it, so I think it is for ----- drum roll please -- Paper! or stationary. If it were not old and I could tell the size for cd/dvd. So what will you use it for?

by airyfairy 12 Feb 2014

Sorry Bev - I can see that the other Cuties are right now I have seen a close up, certainly looks as if it were designed for paper. How long has DD had it for, just for interest.

by PatriciaVosloo 12 Feb 2014

Yes indeed a stationery holder with drawers for stamps and other writing paraphanalia. It is too antique to have been designed for CDs. A beautiful piece of furniture.

by christracey 12 Feb 2014

I don't know what it was apart from what has been already said but it looks lovely. It could now have many uses. Have fun with it or should I say your DD.

by pennifold 12 Feb 2014

Hi Bev, those storage slots look like paper holders, whereby you place a few pages from a ream of paper, maybe multi-coloured in each slot. It could have also been used for crafts especially as it has been folk art painted (naive style). Good luck with finding out its original use. Love Chris

by spendlove Moderator 12 Feb 2014

Those little shelves suggest filing for some kind of paperwork to me. It is a lovely piece.

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by airyfairy edited 12 Feb 2014

I think perhaps the little slots may be for CD's and the little draws for whatever. This kind of painted flowers on furniture was very popular some years ago and it had a name beginning with the letter 'B' I think. Sorry that I am not much help

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pennifold by pennifold 12 Feb 2014

Hi Sarah, were you thinking of Bauernmalerei? I used to do Folk Art Painting for about 7 or 8 years. Love doing it and two of the ladies at my annual Christmas luncheon are from those days, Stasia and Kaye. Love Chris