by Hedera 11 Feb 2014

Hello Carole, I make the edge myself. I chanced the colors of the design, I want to have a ribbon in the same colors of the roses. But here I could not find it. So I make te ribbon to.

I make it from the same fabric of the machine cover for my little machine. I put a photo so you can see how it was done.


by rescuer Moderator 12 Feb 2014

Beautiful work!

by noah 11 Feb 2014

excellent job can u please show us again when finished hugs Carolyn

by dailylaundry 11 Feb 2014

This is so pretty, and I like a few other cuties here, haven't used my Continuous Hoop either!! You could teach us how!! Well done! Hugs, Laura*

by kanny 11 Feb 2014

Great work I also love my continuous hoop.

by pldc 11 Feb 2014

wonderful! hugs

by pennifold 11 Feb 2014

Absolutely stunning work Hedera. I've got a continuous hoop for both my Husqvarna and Brother and have never used them! I love the design you have chosen and your work is beautiful. Love Chris

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 11 Feb 2014

High time you break those out and dust them off, Chris...

by buffy1 11 Feb 2014

very pretty

by baldacchino 11 Feb 2014

Stunning work well done L Sherene XX

by dragonflyer 11 Feb 2014

Lovely job with the edging...and don't you just love having a border frame...looks like we have the same one...I use it all the time!

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

dragonflyer, you have just answered my question. Border frame, that's it. Do border frames fit all machines?

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 11 Feb 2014

The frame that I have is for my Baby Lock Ellisimo...same one for the Brother Quattro far as I know, you would have to find a hoop that fit your model of is not a universal hoop that would fit any machine...

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

I have a Babylock Ellageo Plus., would that count?

Hedera by Hedera 12 Feb 2014

Carole, this frame don't fit at your machine. I have the Brother quatrro. I think your machine match with the Brother Innovis 4000? For this machine is a frame the number is UPG4000D2. I found it on a UK website, but you must found it in Canada to.

by lilylyn 11 Feb 2014

You have done an excellent job. Great work . Lyn

by kazza 11 Feb 2014

Love it, great job!

by marfa 11 Feb 2014


by ChristineMacCallum 11 Feb 2014

How does one get the lessons to learn how to use the embroidery machine like this.

This fabulous, I can think of so many things that I would like to create using such beautiful borders

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mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

I'm with you Christine, I have an embroidery machine but have not tried Hedera's technique because I don't know how. Maybe Hedera would like to give us some hints. Carole NB. Canada

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Feb 2014

Lovely work and well done using the border frame too

by jimmiem 11 Feb 2014

Absolutely beautiful.

by cj2sew 11 Feb 2014

This is beautiful work.

by oaro 11 Feb 2014

you did great job

by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

Just a little note if you don't mind Hedera. You could answer the questions by clicking on "add a comment" right next to the person who ask the question then you would be able to keep all the comments on your project together. Ha ha, here I am making suggestions as if I am an expert... trust me I am not... but I just started two days ago, and I am learning as I am going along. Hugs. Carole NB. Canada

Hedera by Hedera 11 Feb 2014

No way, I don't mind. I'm very happy with all the helps and tips. I was wondering how to do this. I saw add comment but
I want to answer you and with this butten I could not send a picture with it. Now I understand. Thank you for the help.

mycarole by mycarole edited 11 Feb 2014

Yes, you are answering me when you click on "add comment" but you are right there is no place to put a picture. I was a little frustrated to when I wanted to be helpful and put a picture to a question. What I did was click underneath my own project and answered there. Let's see now, I'm going to put a link to one of my project to see if it works for me. If it does then you will see that I have some pictures way down.

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

Eurika it worked. Now, for another little lesson. See the word INBOX at the top? Well, you can send a private message to a person (here they are called "cutie") and you will receive a private answer. Let's try it, Ok?

mops by mops edited 11 Feb 2014

rescuer explained how to edit your original post and add a picture in a comment to mycarole's post. It is worth looking at that as it gives an excellent explanation with pictures.

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

Hi mops, I just clicked on the linked you have posted above and I get a little flower that says, "file not found". If you click on the link I posted above for Hedera, does it take you to my post? hugs.

rescuer by rescuer 11 Feb 2014

The link to the post on how to edit seems to be working.

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

Many hours later, it works thanks you two.

by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

Hedera you are a sweetheart to have taken the time to show me your work. Just beautiful. I wish I was close to you so that I could learn from you. I think you are a great teacher. Big hugs to you. Thank you. Carole, NB, Canada

Hedera by Hedera 11 Feb 2014

Hello Carole,
I'm no teacher, I'm a embroider for now 5 years. Before I do with hand. I have so muts to learn, yet. Sometimes I see things that I think, I want to make this.
But not everything go's well. Hahaha, I have a big trashcan.
And most of the time I think I can not do this. But I'm always try. I was never be a great person with the sewing machine, but it gets better with the years.
And what I see here? There so much great lady's that show what they have make. I'am now learning.
And yes, there is a distance between us. Hahaha, a ocean full. Otherwise I will have some coffee of thea with you.

mycarole by mycarole 11 Feb 2014

How sweet, ocean full that is right. I too have a garbage full of mistake. I live in a little village and I don't go into the big town often, so I don't take any courses because I would have to travel a little far. But I use the net for a teacher. I too have had my embroidery machine for 4 years.

by sonjapotgieter 11 Feb 2014

Stunning beyond!!!!!Great work....

by elemausi 11 Feb 2014

You did a great job