by askmcv 10 Feb 2014

Hi, Cuties!

I shall be going to Myrtle Beach, SC the last two weeks of March...yippee!
Do we have any Cuties in that area?
Also, does anyone know of any fabric shops around there?
Thanks in advance


by noah 10 Feb 2014

Well i haven't thought of that place in 8 years .We had property there and sold it because of the large dangerous snakes .when we cut grass etc, we wore big rubber boots .Hugs

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askmcv by askmcv 10 Feb 2014

Ugh! Sounds like you did well to sell it!

by jrob Moderator 10 Feb 2014

I'm about 8 hours away or I'd love to help you search for them.

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askmcv by askmcv 10 Feb 2014

So close and yet so far...sigh! Definitely too far to do in one day. Thanks, would have been fun!

by graceandham 10 Feb 2014

Don't know about that, but Google Pawley's Island Hammock Shops and ask if they still demonstrate the hammock weaving in the yards. They have for decades, but sometimes something changes. It is fascinating to watch the men weave the ropes according to an old, old pattern. There used to be fab counted cross stitch shop there at "the shops" but that I believe is long gone. Nice dining in Pawley's, too. Have a great time. The beach is nice in March, not too crowded yet, may need a jacket for nights.

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askmcv by askmcv 10 Feb 2014

Thank you for your advice. I hope I can get my husband to go to the hammock weaving, and will definitely try out Pawley's.