by anas 06 Feb 2014

Does anyone here know where I can find this sewing pattern for a heart keychain?

It's gorgeous and just perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day :)


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by anas edited 11 Feb 2014

I'm real happy to see so many people sewing this project!! :D
Someone has even turned into into a ITH design!
Looks like an awesome idea to me, as the embroidery machine sure stitches in a much more precise way then me ;) and also it can be a much easier way to know where to correctly place an embroidery design (like a name initial for example).
So if anyone of the wonderful digitizers out here decides to make this a ITH project, let me know!! :)

by missqueenbee47 10 Feb 2014

These are beautiful.

by mygalsal 10 Feb 2014

thank you for posting this link!!!

by lynlaing 10 Feb 2014

Thank you

by fleabag 09 Feb 2014

Thanks so much for the link. I have a few friends that are all single and we have decided to celebrate valentine's day together - it's about love not just relationships and have decided to make each person a gift. Going to be fun!

by etui22 09 Feb 2014

thank you to everyone for posting this , I think this would make a lovely
cute present , a novel pincushion and maybe cute shoe stuffers too!!
Thank You!

by tilde01 08 Feb 2014

Thank you to everyone for posting this and posting where to find the pattern. It is so cute and the idea of hand warmers, that is great too.

by pldc 08 Feb 2014

really cute!

by spendlove Moderator 08 Feb 2014

Thanks for this - I'm just going to make one!

dennis999 by dennis999 08 Feb 2014

I'm just going to watch the rugby.

spendlove by spendlove 08 Feb 2014

Himself is doing just that and I'm keeping out of the way!

dennis999 by dennis999 08 Feb 2014

'Himself' is clearly a man of impecible taste.

meganne by meganne 09 Feb 2014

He'd have to be, he married our Sue didn't he.

by lhart 08 Feb 2014

Really cute idea, thanks for finding the directions.

by joansatx 07 Feb 2014

Thanks to you, christacey, from me, too.I got this link to work. Other nice things there. Fun!

christracey by christracey 08 Feb 2014

That's ok glad I could find it.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 08 Feb 2014

Thank you.

marysew11000 by marysew11000 09 Feb 2014

Thank You

annie23 by annie23 09 Feb 2014

Thank you. A nice project

ansalu by ansalu 09 Feb 2014

They have some other nice projects too. TY

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 09 Feb 2014

thank you for the link

by marianb 07 Feb 2014

These look great thanks for asking about them

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by anas edited 07 Feb 2014

THANK YOU christracey !!!!!
That's exactly the one!!! :D :D

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christracey by christracey 08 Feb 2014

Glad I could help...guess you could even change the size.

by christracey 07 Feb 2014

I found this so hope it helps....

scroll down to January 2014 heart pincushion

marianb by marianb 07 Feb 2014

thank you for the link address

christracey by christracey 08 Feb 2014

That's fine, I had seen it somewhere & this is what I could find.

by anas 06 Feb 2014

Thanks for your replies and help :)
I'm not sure if the knot is made appart from the heart shape...
So far the most similar I have found to this one is a pattern for a pincush.
Link here:

dennis999 by dennis999 06 Feb 2014

You are almost certainly correct regarding the free design pattern shown in your link. Looking at the various pictures, it seems to me that the bow is tied through the hole at the top of the heart after it has been finally filled and sealed. This would have the effect of hiding any final stitches after the filling process (well, it would in the case of my quality of hand sewing). The only other change I can see is possibly the shape of the bow, the size of the heart, and the fact that the maker of the items in your pictures has added a reinforcing rivet to hold the keychain element. I'm not sure how things stand as regards the copyright issue by amending the design on the fatquartershop site but it might be worth dropping them an email just out of courtesy.

rescuer by rescuer 06 Feb 2014

This is a very good idea Dennis. Thanks for your help.
One should always contact the original artist/digitizer prior to making any changes or design adjustments to the design file itself. Most (but not all) allow you to choose your own colors. Many will also allow you to break the design into parts. I do hope everyone is reading the Terms and Conditions before they download any type of file.

by capoodle 06 Feb 2014

Also, searched around and by looking at the picture you could easily make your own. Cut out two heart shapes, stitch around leaving an opening to turn, fill and then join the two tops so the tie can loop through.

by dennis999 06 Feb 2014

I have been doing a search and although there are many designs of a similar nature to these, I have not found this exact design. I do agree that it is a very nice design and the best that I have seen.
Can you recall where you found this picture as this might help with the search. In the meantime I will carry on hunting.