by shuede 10 Jan 2014

A special "thank you" to gillemmerson. Your letter as well as your granddaughter's letter to my daughter's 2nd grade class finally arrived via Royal Mail!! Apparently, the envelope weighed a little more than you thought, and the Royal Mail used an alternative service, which took much longer. Although we thought the letter may be lost, it took a mysterious journey before it arrived! The class very much enjoyed your letters, especially hearing about Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood! I was very much impressed with Florence's letter. Her cursive handwriting was beautiful, and her sentence structure and vocabulary was more than impressive for someone only eight years old! (Alexa's school introduces cursive writing in third grade, which is when Alexa will be eight.) Thanks again for writing! xxx Denise


by gillemmerson 16 Oct 2014

Hi I know time has passed but Florence has not forgotten and asked would she ever get a return letter?

by mrskiki 11 Jan 2014

How interesting that the letter was written in cursive as I think here in the States, not sure they even teach cursive anymore! Ever since the explosion of tech devices that is. Hugs. Nan W

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shuede by shuede 11 Jan 2014

We're in California, and they still teach cursive -- or at least introduce it.

by jrob Moderator 10 Jan 2014

Ah, what a wonderful thing to do! I'm sure Alexa will remember this project for a very long time.

by cfidl 10 Jan 2014


by asterixsew Moderator 10 Jan 2014

Sherwood Forest is a beautiful part of England so glad you were able to have a letter for the pupils. Its a good few years since I lived near and had a good walk round there. There is a lovely statue of Robin Hood outside Nottingham Castle that I loved going to look at and again its a long time since I have stood by it.