by mariahail 31 Dec 2013

a little "cape" for my little niece...


by jrob Moderator 01 Jan 2014

Simply adorable!

by laffma1 01 Jan 2014

This is adorable. She won't want to take it off, it looks quite warm and cozy!

by venetia 01 Jan 2014

It looks wonderful and warm. She will love it.

by icana 31 Dec 2013

Very pretty. I wish I had this pattern.

by Safina67 31 Dec 2013

This is so adorable !!!!! My grand daughter needs one ... *gears are turning*

by capoodle 31 Dec 2013

So much detail you added. Is that a crochet edging?

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toogie by toogie 31 Dec 2013

Your eyes are better than mine.I thought it was a blanket stitch, but I think you are right.

by oaro 31 Dec 2013

so nice

by means 31 Dec 2013

Oh WOW Oh WOW... this is wonderful.. Love the blanket stitch and the designs selection is perfect. Did you digitize it or where did the design come from.. I really need one of these for me..
Guess I am a little big for this one .. so make mine larger... ;-)

by teun 31 Dec 2013

Ganz niedlich,wird ihr bestimmt sehr gut stehn

by toogie 31 Dec 2013

It is so pretty,I wouldn't mind having one myself! You did an amazing job.Is the blanket stitch by hand or machine? Did you have a pattern? When I was growing up my sister had a red coat or cape.It had white trim around the hood and down the fronts, As I was the youngest,I always got the hand-me-downs.Well,I remember I swore, I would freeze to death, before I wore her 'Santa Claus coat/cape" ,that is what I referred to it as. That was the year I got my first, brand new coat.I remember it be so pretty but it didn't keep me very warm and I guess I was punished, because I have been freezing ever since !-LOL

by radmom 31 Dec 2013

Beautiful cape! My daughter wants a cape, but I haven't figured out how to make one yet.

by yvh 31 Dec 2013

Darling! She can feel like a real princess in that.

by lilylady 31 Dec 2013

snow cute!

by noah 31 Dec 2013

excellent job hugs

by highlandermom 31 Dec 2013

Very cute love how you have done it.

by corinney 31 Dec 2013

Sew cute!

by pldc 31 Dec 2013

Very pretty indeed! Hugs Loralye

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pldc by pldc edited 31 Dec 2013

how did you make this? Did you cut the end off or did you add elastic to the end to form the hood? Would that even work the way that i said it? Please & thank you

by marfa 31 Dec 2013


by theduchess 31 Dec 2013

Very pretty Maria. Great job.