by capoodle 31 Dec 2013

With all the new cuties we get around the Christmas holiday asking about the Designs By Cuties and how to search ~~~ How wonderful would it be to have the designs available to start the New Year. Of course I would hope there would be better restrictions on uploading through an authorized method. Just Dreaming though and still missing all the amazing designs the cuties have created and that I did not download because I thought they would be here when I needed one. WISHING EVERY ONE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!


by hightechgrammy 31 Dec 2013

I know what you mean, as I loved thinking of designs to share with my Cutie friends. I loved all the comments I would get, and it was just plain fun to share my little accomplishments with an audience who appreciated my efforts. I truly miss that part. I'm not a huge digitizer, but I really enjoyed that. I did go ahead and renew my membership, hoping that we will have that feature back sometime soon.

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capoodle by capoodle 31 Dec 2013

It has been a big disappointment that some would not follow the rules. Always fun to see a new creation by our cuties. One day soon --- I hope. Have a Very Happy New Years!

by pldc 31 Dec 2013

I thought the very same thing & I'm sure will be back when Miss V can do it safely, hugs Loralye

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capoodle by capoodle 31 Dec 2013

Wishful Dreaming. Wishing you a very health and happy New Year.