by jand803 10 Jun 2008

I wish people would vote for only one design per day and help the others get their one design. Then maybe we could get the one we want faster. Jan


by clawton 11 Jun 2008

A warm welcome.

by quiltgrama 11 Jun 2008

welcome to cute, as previously stated Letvia arranges all our voting she will let us know. Thanks

by sandralochran 11 Jun 2008

Welcome to Cute

by adelmarie 10 Jun 2008

Welcome to the Cute Family!

by nglover1 10 Jun 2008

Welcome jand803 to the Cute Family. If you want to add your request to the list post a question to Letvia and she does a great job at letting us know what the designs of the day is. Your request will come to the top of the list in several days. A flower for you.

by dkjack 10 Jun 2008

Welcome jand803. Just let us know what you are wanting and we will do our best. Sometimes it takes a few days.

by lbrow 10 Jun 2008

First welcome to the cute site jand. We're all 4 one & one 4 all most of the time. What u asked 4 is what we try to do. Letvia heads that up & needs to know what ea. person wants, then she tells what to vote 4. It may take a few days to get what u want 4 we r many n number, but we do try to get everyone what they want. Again welcome!! *4U

by colonies1 10 Jun 2008

I'm for that too Jan......if we all get together it will work for all. *4U

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colonies1 by colonies1 10 Jun 2008

that is what we try to do here. Letvia runs it. Works out most of the time.

by dlmds 10 Jun 2008

Oh yes, and a big WELCOME!!

by dlmds 10 Jun 2008

Jand803, We do our best to help one another get what they need when they ask for a design. I do not know what you need? There are many here, so we vote as we can. Hugs and flowers.

by auntbaba 10 Jun 2008


by shirleysisson 10 Jun 2008

Welcome to the 'Cute' family. *4U

by shirlener88 10 Jun 2008

Welcome to the 'CUTE' family jand803. We do have a voting system in place - we have a moderator that let's us know each day - what the request has been - I am sure - if you let us know - what you want - it can be put on the list for a vote. *4U