by karenjay 04 Dec 2013

I am looking for a particular South African website - I have the image in mind - but I just can't find it or remember the name. As I am often after a South African site could other cuties please list South Aftican sites that they know of - thanks

(even those no longer in business - I will have designs from when they were and would like to know which country they are from)


by mary51 10 Dec 2013

It's Me designs.

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karenjay by karenjay 11 Dec 2013


by sahara 06 Dec 2013

Hi there, have you tried any of the following:

Allsorts Embroidery
JHB Creations
Bizzi B's
Belindas Studio
Best Designs
Mariaan Basson
Enchanting African Designs
C Some Stitches

Hope you find the site that you are looking for. Happy hunting.

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karenjay by karenjay 06 Dec 2013

thanks - I didn't have any of those on my list

by karenjay 06 Dec 2013

having looked through all these sites the one that I am thinking of must have changed - there are so many SA sites that have closed from when I first started collecting. I did a search on my old computer and found the design I was after - I have it listed as from which is no longer in existence but I am sure that I also saw this design on a South African site too. Thanks everyone for your contribution.

by kezza2sew 06 Dec 2013

wow look at that mighty fine list below....they sure do know how to digitize in south should find what you are looking for here.

by PatriciaVosloo 05 Dec 2013

And some more:

Greetings all from a warm and sunny South Africa!

by PatriciaVosloo 05 Dec 2013

Another one: Erina's designs

by renerennard 05 Dec 2013

Hi I live in SA, my fav site to go to is The Purple Hat. Hope it helps x

by greysewist Moderator 05 Dec 2013

Stitch Delight
A Stitch a Half
Designs 4 Africa

by kezza2sew 05 Dec 2013

Elsa's Designs

by airyfairy 05 Dec 2013

Designs by Petro

by bielie 04 Dec 2013

by jrob Moderator 04 Dec 2013

Hatched in africa. ;)

by jobaby 04 Dec 2013