by fannyfurkin 16 Nov 2013

Since cute started showing all of the threads on the front page I have felt a little insecure about posting personal stuff in the personal posts, I am now a bit desperate, I mean I need some prayer warriors NOW. people who have read my posts about my sons and my husband will know the situation, I need prayers now, Prayer warriors please pray now.


by debswebster 20 Nov 2013

Praying all is well and the worst is over soon. Hugs to you.

by dana12559 20 Nov 2013

Alice, you absolutely have my prayers. If I could I'd hug you, too! Hugs, love and prayers, Dana

by pennifold 18 Nov 2013

Dear Alice, prayers were said as soon as I saw this post from you yesterday. Love Chris

by airyfairy 18 Nov 2013

Dear Alice - I am so terribly sorry you are having family issues again. You are a very special lady for me as we both came on to Cute at about the same time. My thoughts are with you all. Love and Hugs Sarah.

by oldtimer992005 16 Nov 2013

Alice , my prayers are with you are such a sweet and caring person . it hurts to see you suffer so, do not give up.

by basketkase 16 Nov 2013

Alice, so sorry you are struggling with family issues....wishing you Lord's blessings for a positive outcome!!

by graceandham 16 Nov 2013

We're with you, sweetie.

by cfidl 16 Nov 2013

right away alice.

by manami 16 Nov 2013

Dear Alice, you are in my thoughts and prayers, hope things get better soon. Love and blessings, Yoriko

by capoodle 16 Nov 2013

Hope is being sent to you. Hugs.

by ajmmjs 16 Nov 2013

good vibrations coming your way!!!!

by justsew 16 Nov 2013

HMMMM yes I know what you mean ...
I pray for family to be as one .
Hugs Pam.

by bevintex 16 Nov 2013

Alice,I have a feeling that you are being caught in the middle between your sons and husband. Praying for you.

by grandmamek 16 Nov 2013

Alice you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully things will improve soon. Hugs, Mary

by jerrib 16 Nov 2013

You and your family are in my prayers.

by theduchess 16 Nov 2013

Alice, Praying for you and the family.Stella

by jrob Moderator 16 Nov 2013

I remember seeing your posts, Alice, and you have my prayers. Now.

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jrob by jrob 17 Nov 2013

Praying for your situation this morning.

by rescuer Moderator 16 Nov 2013

You and your family will be included in my prayers.

by dragonflyer 16 Nov 2013

Prayers to all of you...speeding their way to you.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Nov 2013

Prayers are being sent as I type. I hope all will be well soon for you.

by gerryvb 16 Nov 2013

prayers are coming your way, Alice. Hugs.

by anangel 16 Nov 2013

Prayers for all of you, Alice!! May the Lord bless, and meet the needs of your family!
Hugs, Angel

by sadp 16 Nov 2013

...will do so right now, Alice...hugs S*

by kezza2sew 16 Nov 2013

Yes I agree, I think it would be so much more Personal if Personal things were kept hidden and not shown up in full display for all to read. After all they are personal and any one who choses to click on Personal will want to read.. Just my little thoughts. Haven't read all your posts but hope all is well with you. Hugs coming your way. It must be very hard to satisfy everyone all the time.