by bettytaylor 11 Nov 2013

Does Embroidery Garden ever have a sale? Lovely items, there are so many I want to buy.. tia, betty


by sewist1 11 Nov 2013

Reen has just had a sale. Have you signed up for her newsletter? She also has a facebook page.

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bettytaylor by bettytaylor 12 Nov 2013

thank you, yes, i did sign up for the newletter as Bettina suggested and now waiting for that sale, but i think i have to order a couple of designs now. betty

by bevintex 11 Nov 2013

they usually offer a sale price when they introduce a new item but on that item only.

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bettytaylor by bettytaylor 11 Nov 2013

thank you, i am new to that site. she has so many very beautiful items i just cannot decide but would like them all. lol betty

by ansalu 11 Nov 2013

Haven't really seen a sale but if you are a newsletter-subscriber you will find sometimes a code at the end of the NL so always scoll until the bottom (last one was at the end of october). For likers on facebook there are sometimes freebies and now a special giveaway (25$ gift-certification)
Greetings, Bettina

bettytaylor by bettytaylor 11 Nov 2013

thank you Bettina, this is very helpful. will do the NL and buy a few at a time. can't wait. betty

sewist1 by sewist1 12 Nov 2013

That one expired on the 3rd November but I am sure there will be another before long.