by christracey 09 Nov 2013

This little quilt was done for our charity project that we do each year at our sewing retreat. This one is for Ronald McDonald House. I have had the designs for a while now & thought they came from Bunnycup Embroidery....I had just had a look there but can't seem to find them. I have used these designs a few times now.


by mooie24 10 Nov 2013

oh bless
so cute and so worth while I'm sure this quilt
will be totally treasured :-)

by harleysville 10 Nov 2013

Very nice.

by lidiad 10 Nov 2013

That's a gorgeous quilt, Tracey, love it.
Hugs, Lidia

by christracey 10 Nov 2013

Thank you for all your lovely comments. This is just the one quilt that I made for Ronald McDonald House, my other sewing friends have also made some too, not sure how many quilts have been made as yet. Flowers for you all.

by sewilso 09 Nov 2013

It turned out very cute!!

by pldc 09 Nov 2013

Quakers, this is just terrific, hugs **Loralye

by sandralochran 09 Nov 2013

Love it

by noah 09 Nov 2013

Love it hugs:):)

by teun 09 Nov 2013

Eine wunderschöne decke für ein Ronald McDoald Jouse die Kinder werden sich sehr freuen

by oaro 09 Nov 2013

nice quilt

by smburt 09 Nov 2013

This is a very pretty quilt and for such a wonderful cause.

by highlandermom 09 Nov 2013

Adorable quilt and you are so nice to help with such a wonderful cause. My kids got their wonderful help with my 1st gk about 8 years ago. A night I will never forget. But so glad they were there too help.

by cj2sew 09 Nov 2013

You have a very good heart. This quilt with the embroidery took a great deal of time and there will be a special child that will carry it around with them for years until it becomes well worn. You deserve many extra flowers for all your effort.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Nov 2013

That is a darling quilt for a very good cause!

by lenamae 09 Nov 2013

beautiful quilt some one will be happy .
Hugs lenamae

by 02kar Moderator 09 Nov 2013

Kudos to you and your sister quilters. The Ronald MacDonald House is a very worthy cause.

by powagrl 09 Nov 2013

Bless you all for making such a beautiful quilt for the Ronald MacDonald house. The designs are from the retired free designs at Bunnycup:

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christracey by christracey 10 Nov 2013

Thanks I thought I got it from there....

by baydreamer 09 Nov 2013

Such a sweet quilt. Love all the colours

by devon 09 Nov 2013

very pretty great job

by monicahall 09 Nov 2013

Great Quilt for a great cause

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christracey by christracey 09 Nov 2013

Thanks Monica we pick a different charity each year. Some years we work for more than one charity.

by pennifold 09 Nov 2013

This is really cute Tracey. I know your Ronald McDonald house will appreciate it. Love Chris

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christracey by christracey 09 Nov 2013

Thanks Chris. Some lovely little quilts have been made by our group for them.