by marjialexa Moderator 06 Nov 2013

Hi, friends, we could use a few prayers over this way. I'm limping around because I was clumsy and fell off a ladder, but it's my dog Jamie I'm worried about. Maybe it's the change in the weather, but he's limping really badly, doesn't even want to put one hind foot on the ground. He's older, and his back knees are bad. I go to a homeopathic vet, who gave him some drops and pills last summer, and he was better within a day! But I gave him the things today, and there seems no change. My little boy is hurting, and I'd appreciate some prayers for him. I can't get him back to the vet until Friday, because he does large farm animal calls on Thursdays. I know we have lot of animal lovers out there, and I know God cares about all creatures great and small, so please lift up my little Jamie in your prayers, I hate to see him limping so much, he hurts and Mommy can't seem to make it better this time, and I'm worried. Thanks so much for caring. The picture is me with Jamie, Hugs, Marji


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by marjialexa Moderator edited 07 Nov 2013

Thank you all so much, I appreciate your concern! Jamie slept in bed with me last night (not easy lifting a 40 lb dog into the bed!) because I wanted him on a soft, warm surface. He's still not doing well today, but we go to the vet tomorrow. I did check his feet, cut all the hair between his toes to make sure there was nothing there, washed the pads really well, even used peroxide to see if there would be any "fuzzing" that might indicate a wound I couldn't see. No dice. I super-combed all the hair on that leg (then I did the whole dog as well) to see if there was perhaps a burr or something, it is autumn here, and those stickers can get into long hair. No dice. Plus, no matter how I manipulated the foot, leg, knee, hip, he didn't act as if it bothered him at all. He just can't (won't) walk on it. So, he's clean and brushed and still not feeling good. And I'm more tired and worried than I can ever express. We'll know something tomorrow, please pray that it's something we can fix. Oh, by the way, the aspirin thing might be ok, but I don't have any in the house, never take it, and the closest store to me is 15 miles. I'll ask the vet about it tomorrow, and maybe get some baby aspirin or whatever he recommends. Thanks again for caring, hugs, Marji

by spendlove Moderator 07 Nov 2013

I feel for you both. I dread anything being wrong with our collie as she is terrified of vets.

by debswebster 07 Nov 2013

Shame poor dears - BIG hugs for you both.

by cfidl 07 Nov 2013

He is a beautiful dog. Best wishes for both of you.

by baydreamer 07 Nov 2013

I have dogs, and when they are hurting so am I. I know the pain you both are suffering. Arthritis is not kind to anyone, especially our pets. I only hope you find a medication to ease yours and Jamie pain.

by sadp 07 Nov 2013

Oh what a beautiful baby!!! My prayers for both you and Jamie, hugs S*

by gerryvb 07 Nov 2013

Marji, my prayers and hugs for the both of you. thank you for sharing the beautiful picture.How old is Jamie, he looks so sweet.... Hope both of you recover soon, or at least will have less pain. Hugs for you and this beautiful Jamie, Gerry

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Nov 2013

Oh Marji I am so so sorry. You have been in my prayers and I will add Jamie too.
When my past shepherds were in pain from hip problems the vet told me to give them a aspirin. Jen15957 stated the dosage which is the same as I could find on the internet. Maybe this will help till you can get him to the vet. Gosh I wish I could help.
Hugs Angie

by pennifold 07 Nov 2013

Hi Marji, well you know you have my undying attention when it comes to Shelties and special prayers are coming your way for Jamie. He looks like our Bella did - very pretty dogs aren't they? I know we had Mobic and Carprofen for Bella. "Rimadyl (carprofen) is an excellent drug with a low incidence of gastrointestinal side effects that has proven itself over time. It must be given daily. Rimadyl provides good pain relief and seems to slow the arthritic process. There are no detrimental effects on cartilage." (extract from WebMD Healthy Dogs)

I hope your vet can help Jamie out he looks such a beaut dog. Love and blessings Chris

by airyfairy 07 Nov 2013

So very sorry to hear that Jamie is having a bad time. My little pekinese is about 15 years old and also not too well. My thoughts go out to you and your beautiful Jamie. Hugs Sarah.

by 1ladyb 07 Nov 2013

Awwww Jamie is so pretty, or should I say handsome...he's a boy.
My little 11 lb. Bichon has bad knees also and sometimes just trips or falls down. He is 10 years old and the vet says his knee caps are "floating". I give him a joint supplement but some days are just not good. He still tries to run but isn't supposed to. We love out fur kids so I know how you feel. Take it easy Jamie.

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Nov 2013

I understand what you are going through with your little Bichon. My Mum has a Maltese Terrier cross Bichon called Miss Sophie and she has arthritis in the spine and her legs sometimes are not good either. I hope he is going alright, love Chris

by jen15957 07 Nov 2013

so sorry about your pain and your pups pain, you'll be in my prayers, I had a boxer with the limping problem, It only occurred occasionally and she was older too. they gave me some information about arthritis therapy. You can give the dog aspirin (buffered or enteric-coated) with food, 5 to 10mg per pound of body weight, twice daily, as long as the dog does not have kidney or liver disease or clotting. Also Glucosamine and chondroitin. There is a schedule to follow for this treatment, So ask your vet about it. These helped my dog with her pain and they weren't as expensive as some of the other prescriptions, Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you.

by katydid 06 Nov 2013

Love you!!

by capoodle 06 Nov 2013

You both have my prayers that all will be better in a few days. The medications you saved my have lost its effectiveness and gone weak. Hope your vet can sort his discomfort out for you on Friday.

by sewmom 06 Nov 2013

Jamie is a beautiful dog! I'm sorry he is not well.

by chenille 06 Nov 2013

You both have my prayers! I hope it is just the weather...I feel a little like that myself these days. :-( I guess age does that to all of us. What were you doing up a ladder? Did you fall very far? Take care of yourself, otherwise what would the four footers do?
Hugs & Prayers, Nadyne
P.S. Great picture!!

by graceandham 06 Nov 2013

Praying for both for healing and restored energy. What a fabulous picture!

by jrob Moderator 06 Nov 2013

I LOVE this picture! I can see peace in your face. Jamie is an absolutely gorgeous animal. I will certainly pray for him and for you as you worry and treat him. If you have some Ben Gay, smear some on his knees and then heat a towel in the dryer and wrap them for a little bit of relief. That's what my grandmother used to do and she said it helped her. Even just the warmth from the towel would help ease him. I'm so so sorry he is in pain. Love and hugs!

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marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Nov 2013

Bud took this picture the day we moved into the new house out here. I don't look like this any more. Jamie does though, that's why I put it up. Probably shouldn't have.

by sewilso 06 Nov 2013

He's a beautiful dog!! Hope you both get to feeling better, has anyone gotten x-rayed? It hurts to see our dog children hurt and can't tell us what's wrong.

by dragonflyer 06 Nov 2013

Sooo sorry to hear about Jamie...prayers for both of you. It is so stressful when one of your "Kids" is hurting...praying for a speedy recovery...

by greysewist Moderator 06 Nov 2013

That is truly a lovely photo of you both. There are many reasons why he may be limping and I do hope that it's not the worst one I can think of. Greyhounds sometimes get corns in between their toes and basically have really thin pads on their feet which can pick up a piece of glass etc, so a thorough inspection is probably the first thing on your list while you wait to see the vet. I hope you've had yourself checked out as well! Best of luck.

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marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Nov 2013

Jamie is a Sheltie, and they have very thick feet, being a herding dog and having in real life, not "show dog" life, to deal with rocks, brambles, and unruly sheep. We live in the country, he doesn't go anywhere on his own, never near the road, only the yard. There's no sharp stuff here, unless maybe a stray rose thorn or something of the sort. But I'll check again, I did check with a flashlight, don't see any pad damage at all. Still, those pads are pretty thick, I could have missed something. He's an older dog, and his knees are bad, it's a Sheltie thing. My vet is also an animal chiropractor, and I thought he'd thrown out something in his back, but he said it was both knees "blown", just like an athlete can get. The Homeopathic stuff he gave him last summer just helped so much, and so quickly. He was his old self in 2 days. I keep it around, in case, but this time it seems not to be working as well. He could have just stepped wrong, and strained it, I do that with my own bad knee sometimes. I just hate to see him hurting, not be able to help. Thanks for caring, and your suggestions, appreciate your taking the time. Hugs, Marji

by 02kar Moderator 06 Nov 2013

I am sorry for both of you. I hope he will rest until you can get to the vet soon and you heal quickly.

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marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Nov 2013

"Resting" is what Jamie does best anyway, he's always been rather a "couch potato" dog, never one to run all over the place if he can walk, or see what it's about without bothering to move at all, hee hee hee. I think the poor boy and I are both getting old, and I hate to see it in him. Thanks for caring.

by rescuer Moderator 06 Nov 2013

Dear Marji,
I am praying for you both!
I can hope he is just having sympathy pains for you.
Big HUGS!!!

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marjialexa by marjialexa edited 06 Nov 2013

I'd like to think so, but we're having a BIG weather change, he and I both ache when that happens. Thanks for giving him a little extra help in the prayer department, appreciate it!

by ajmmjs 06 Nov 2013

what a beautiful pic! sorry for the poor boy. maybe a hot pad for that side n lie on it would help? will send good vibrations your also use a hot pad. sincerely, lynne

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marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Nov 2013

Yes, warm rice bag on his knee, he's in bed with me right now so he's on something soft and very squishy. I've been using the heating pad so much I think the electric company will be paying extra dividends this quarter! Hee hee hee. Thanks for caring