by elenu 08 Jun 2008

When I had a 'gripe' about Janome nuts & bolts, I told you all. Now I tell good news - I can order nuts & bolts from my Retailer, Hoorah. Thanks all, 'specially Kttyhwk & Mpo for kind thought


by shirleysisson 08 Jun 2008

So glad your problem is now sorted. *4U

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elenu by elenu 08 Jun 2008

Thank you Shirley . . . me too.

by marjialexa Moderator 08 Jun 2008

Elenu, my Dealer is my machine's second home! I have the world's greatest dealer, they help me with everything from nuts & bolts to digitizing to oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over my sew outs. I have the Janome 300E, mostly the problems I have with it when I drag it in to the Dealer is ah, well, uh, 'operator error'. They are incredibly patient with me. "Try putting in a new needle," says Rick. "But this one's only a little bent," says I. He puts in a new needle, titanium at that. Hmm, that works well. "No charge". I must be on their 'pity list' as charity work, hee hee hee. It would be my wish that everyone had a Dealer like Super Stitch! I can't say enough good things about them, they are well, "Super"! Marji

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elenu by elenu 08 Jun 2008

That's wonderful Marji, they sound like good people to know.. I must say that the few times I have talked to the people in the shop, they have been very helpful & friendly. This time I couldn't get to visit & thought email would be easy, quick & simple yes/no we can/can't supply - it was not a good idea BUT it does look like there will be a happy ending & I'm very pleased. I still haven't rcd. reply from Janome UK.

by mpo14011 08 Jun 2008

That's good to hear.Your persistence paid of.Ricky.

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elenu by elenu 08 Jun 2008

Very good news Mpo I'm delighted.

by oldandgrey 08 Jun 2008

that's great but order extras, then you will have spares on hand

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elenu by elenu 08 Jun 2008

I intend doing just that Oldandgrey. Thank you.