by nualaa 26 Oct 2013

It is nearly a month since my daughter got married.

We had a wonderful day and I had a fabulous time with my sister and family. It was sad to see them go home to Ireland after their visit. They hope to come back to beautiful British Columbia next year. Here are some photos.
1. Mom and daughter
2. Father and daughter dance
3. Whole family
4. Mom, dad and children
5. Daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.


by jrob Moderator 04 Nov 2013

What lovely pictures! You have a beautiful family. Love your dress. ;)

by seamssewcreative 04 Nov 2013

Do you live in BC? I do.

by Dawi 04 Nov 2013

Che sposa meravigliosa!!! Complimenti e AUGURI AGLI SPOSI!!!!

by sewilso 26 Oct 2013

Beautiful pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

by graceandham 26 Oct 2013

Simply beautiful! I know you had a wonderful visit, too.

by nualaa 26 Oct 2013

Thank you everyone. It was a fabulous day that went all too quickly. Didn't get enough time to visit with everyone but all the guests had a great day and the weather was just nice.

by noah 26 Oct 2013

very lovely pictures glad you all had such a wonderful day hugs

by cfidl 26 Oct 2013

Wow! You are so blessed! What a beautiful wedding and family! So glad everyone is so happy, thanks for sharing it.

by rescuer Moderator 26 Oct 2013

Beautiful bride! Congratulations!

by jerrib 26 Oct 2013

Beautiful family and pictures.

by oaro 26 Oct 2013

Beautiful pictures

by anangel 26 Oct 2013

Lovely family pictures! Beautiful bride!! Thanks for sharing these!
Hugs, Angel

by 02kar Moderator 26 Oct 2013

What a special time it was for you and your family. Congrats to all.

by gerryvb 26 Oct 2013

your whole family looks lovely. Beautiful wedding pictures. They keep the happy memories of this day. So you can watch these when you miss eachother. Time flies.... so hopefully you meet next year, and celebrate their first marriage year.hugs, Gerry

by pennifold 26 Oct 2013

Dear Nuala, what beautiful pictures of your daughter and the rest of your family. Congratulations on what appears to have been a wonderful celebration of new beginnings. Love and blessings Chris

by marianb 26 Oct 2013

It look like it was a great day, congratulations to the newly weds.