by rsehorse 02 Oct 2013

Dear Cuties, A short while back I remember seeing 3 flowers that could be stitched out and used as free standing flowers on a hair clip or something. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I thought that I DL them but now I cannot locate them. I am looking for small flowers to add to a project I am making. Thanks, Susan


by bevintex 02 Oct 2013

hop on over to tavernmaker,they have small lace flowers and butterflies ,other fsl all free, Google tavernmaker embroidery.I can't get the link to work. Hope this helps

haleymax by haleymax 02 Oct 2013


rsehorse by rsehorse 02 Oct 2013

Thanks I did find some there. I also located the exact ones I was looking for. Amazing how time flies. I found them in my files for May 2013. Hugs, Susan